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  • Before you post for help

    Any and all help is voluntary and out of free will, and no one MUST help you.
    So be nice...

    Did you at least try to find the problem yourself?
    Did you read the datasheet(s)?
    Did you check to make sure the hardware is sound?
    Did you check the PDS help file for the Proton commands?

    When you post -
    Which PICŪ, what is the setup, what is it you are trying to do, remember we cannot see your board, or the PICŪ or if there's shorts made between the components, or if the components are connected correctly, or see if the power is on, or guess what you want your application to do, etc. so -

    All we have to go on is what you tell us.

    Poor information = poor or no solution.
    Good information = good and quick results

    Please don't apologise for your poor English, even the English have problems with it.

    We are all busy and pressed for time, so please make it count.

    "My PICŪ is not running, what is wrong?" doesn't justify any help, no one knows what's going on there...

    When you make a new post, please give your thread a problem related name or heading...
    "Please Help" is not one. Most users will suspect a poor poster and will ignore it.
    "PICŪ Running Hot" has a better description.
    Apart from anything else, when searching the forum for "LCD driver" it does not help when the thread you are looking for is named "i need help."
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    I'm using Proton+ to develop firmware for a product with switches. The MCU is an 18F26K22. Most of the switches reside on PORTB. I am NOT using a...

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    Pic16f18877 oread

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    Hi, On a PIC16F18877 the OREAD command doesn't seem to work. The code is working on a PIC16F1939. Both controllers use 32MHz int osc. If i...

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    Multiple functions by a single switch

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    Hi, How can I use multiple function by a single switch.I want to use 4 functions by a single switch.

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    FUSES for PIC18F47K20

    Thread Starter: gtv_pic

    000 Good morning I am using the PIC18F47K20 and in the help of the proton I did not locate the FUSES for said micro. Where can I locate...

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    SHIN generates ASM ERROR with the 16F18877

    Thread Starter: evoortman

    Hi, On a PIC16F18877 the SHIN command generates an ASM ERROR: Could this also be related to renamed or moved SFRs in the newer controllers? ...

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