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    The PDS Viewer provides an additional view of a PDS Basic editing page. Typical usage would be to run the PDS Viewer after first loading the file you wish to edit into the IDE. The PDS Viewer will copy the text in the open IDE page into its viewer. It will apply the same highlighter attributes as your Editing settings in the IDE.

    You can copy selected text from the PDS Viewer but the application is read only so you can only edit a page in the IDE. The PDS Viewer can also display ASM files if they are opened manually.

    Normally, the Viewer will display in the Results pane of the IDE. You can resize the viewer by dragging the divider between the Results and Editing panes of the IDE. If the Results window is closed the Viewer will appear as a floating window on top of the IDE.

    There is an option to always display as a floating window for users who have dual screens or prefer not to have the viewer occupy the Results panel.

    A help file is provided with the application.

    PDS Viewer download
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