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  • An Engineer in Wonderland - A 74HC74 hysteresis mystery

    An Engineer in Wonderland - A 74HC74 hysteresis mystery The development 'lab' has moved to the kitchen table as the workshop is so cold that there is liquid nitrogen sloshing around on the floor. And as my 'scope, Dr Frustration appears to be in the house. For two evenings I have been trying to fault-find a breadboard circuit with only four components that is so trivial I almost didn't try it. And am not even sure I am at the bottom of it yet.

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    Problem with heap directive

    Thread Starter: AlbertoFS

    Problem with heap directive with PDS version Hi Les, I was using the Heap directive because it was already written in the GPS.inc...

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    Read HX711

    Thread Starter: basparky

    Hi, I would like to add a HX 711 module to a pic 18f2550. This to add a weigh scale to my project. Datasheet:...

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    PIC 24f Memory write

    Thread Starter: deutrion

    Hi, Can I write a data to the PIC24F series microcontroller. I want the data to be saved in the microcontroller when power is off, but does not...

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