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    Pdf Now is a data sheet viewer, if the file doesn't exist the plugin will attempt to download it.

    This plugin has been written by Dave Stirk (DaveS on PDS forum).
    The plugin is offered on an as-is basis with no warranty as to its effectiveness, operation or reliability. Users use it at their own risk.

    Brief Tour

    Click the Pdf Now Speed Button on the Proton IDE Toolbar.

    If the linker files are set up and the pdf file exists Pdf Now will open up the Proton IDE page device pdf document at the page specified at the top of the [Book Marks] section of the linker file if it exists, if not you will be prompted to download the pdf file from the Microchip website.

    If you select Yes Pdf Now will attempt to locate and download the file.

    The file will be loaded

    Adobe Acrobat Reader v9.5 and above must be installed
    Acrobat Reader

    Whats new
    Integration with hadv215's BitName file creator. PDS BNF Tool
    New Help file
    Linker files system modified, now you can add a new .link file and it will be recognised by Pdf Now at start up.
    New installer.

    Download Pdf Now V3.0.1.2
    Uninstall any previous version of Pdf Now
    Pdf Now


    Please do not post support questions on this wiki.

    Please post feed back or support questions to DaveS Feedback Forum