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  • Multiply routine for DW=W * W. Smaller than library "al@mul" for PIC18

    I have developed a smaller code version of the library multiply routine (al@mul)
    - this multiplies WORD * WORD, to produce DWORD (as al@mul)
    - uses same library variables (as PDS Beta
    - mine uses 120 program bytes, compared to library 184 bytes (both including CALL)

    I attach a ZIP with example use of code (using Macro), with the routine in its own BAS include.

    Also included is the resultant ASM for "MUL_WW"
    - the BAS uses ALIAS so that the library variables can be "shared"
    - as these locations will vary in typical application code, ASM version would be used (instead of source BAS)

    I hope it is of interest.

    I also have a version (MUL_SWW, 200 bytes) which treats the WORDs as signed, producing the expected DWORD result for all sign combinations.


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