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    TM1637 code

    Thread Starter: RGV250

    Hi, I have written some code for TM1637 modules, it does not do the DP/Colon or key scan as I only wanted it for a revcounter for a lathe. They are...

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    Proton and MplabX Ide 5.1 and debug Pickit 3

    Thread Starter: Giuseppe

    Hello everyone . I intend to use Proton on Mplabx V5.1. To use the debug function in Mplabx with pickit 3. Have any of you ever tried to do this?

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    Is it possible to alias the SerOut pin

    Thread Starter: RGV250

    Hi, As the title says, is it possible to alias the pin used for "SerOut"?, I would like to send a string out on each pin of a port so PortB.0 first...

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