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  • PIC® Fuse Configurator Mk2

    PIC Fuse Configurator Version 1.1 build 1

    Added MCP series of Devices
    Added Filtering within P24 and P33 families
    Added support for Hi Res screens.
    Added support for PDS Device Selector
    Fuse Configurator Mk2

    You must have the Microchip™ development environment MPLab IDE installed for this Plug-In to operate.


    The PIC® Fuse Configurator now supports PIC® 10, 12, 18, 24 and 33 devices.

    For the 10,12,18 devices it will show the Microchip™ default settings for each device, using it will override any PDS fuse settings. For the 24 and 33 series of devices the default settings are taken form the PPI files.

    A full list of all available PIC®s is shown based on the Microchip™ list, you can also choose by series. As not all of these devices are supported by PDS the list is compared with the PPI files in the current PDS release and only those which have an associated PPI file are shown as enabled in the list.

    The PIC® Fuse Configurator Mk2 has a completely new user interface and appears as a function embedded in the IDE. It will appear in the editing window of the IDE and will show Group Name, Value and a fuller description than the original fuse configurator. You can choose the setting by either selecting from the value or from the description. You can toggle between the current IDE page and the fuse configurator by clicking on the PIC® Fuse Configurator Mk2 title in the top left hand corner of the editing window. A preview button allows you to view the code generated by the configurator before its added to your code. A Reset button will reset the configurator to your current fuse settings and a Default button will set the confiurator back to the Microchip™ defaults.

    A Check USB button will be enabled when you choose a device that supports USB and will present a dialog on which you can choose alternative fuse settings which are compatible with USB. On returning to Fuse Configurator the Xtal value required by the compiler and the Oscillator Frequency will be saved into the generated code as comments.

    This feature requires the latest version of Harm de Vries' USB HID Wizard to be installed. If it is not installed the Check USB button will be hidden.

    As always a comprehensive help file is provided.

    The PIC® Fuse Configurator Mk2 can safely be run alongside the original Fuse Configurator.

    Fuse Configurator Set Up