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  • Wind counter of making your own transfomers

    hi all

    i have designed a very simple wind counter using a pic 16f676 cheap and easy

    feel free to try it build it go mad and enjoy

    '************************************************* ***************
    '* Name : wind counter.BAS *
    '* Author : [Jody Botha] *
    '* Notice : Copyright (c) 2011 [Tachyon Tech sa] *
    '* : All Rights Reserved *
    '* Date : 4/12/2011 *
    '* Version : 1.0 *
    '* Notes : *
    '* : *
    '************************************************* ***************
    ' Building a home style winding machine????
    ' here is a simple counter using a pic 16f676 chip with a reset button
    Device = 16F676 'ITs one cheap 14pin chip
    Declare Xtal = 4 'crystal speed
    Declare All_Digital = true 'all pins digital
    CMCON = 7 'disable all analog
    Declare LCD_DTPin = PORTC.0 'set your display data line from portc.0 to portc.3
    Declare LCD_RSPin = PORTC.4 'set rs pin to portc.4
    Declare LCD_ENPin = PORTC.5 'set enable pin to portc.5
    Declare LCD_Interface = 4 'set amount of data lines to the display
    Declare LCD_Lines = 2 'set amount of lines
    Declare LCD_Type = 0 'set lcd type to 16 char x 2 line
    Declare LCD_CommandUs = 2000
    LCD_DataUs = 50
    'DECLARE FLASH_CAPABLE = FALSE 'might be needed if you your display does not funtion
    TRISA =%00000011 'setting portA.0 and portA.1 as inputs
    TRISC =%00000000 'setting all your port c pins to output
    DelayMS 100 'Wait for things to settle
    Cls 'Clear the LCD
    Dim dev As Dword 'create a dword varible as to make the numbers active
    Print At 1,1," WIND COUNTER " ' /start up screen
    Print At 2,1," BY JODY BOTHA " ' \ and yes my name of coarse

    DelayMS 4000 'display it for 4 seconds

    Cls 'then clear the lcd for the start

    PORTA.0 = 0 Then 'if the button is pressed then
    dev = dev +1 'add one count
    GoTo debounce 'goto next loop to debouce
    End If 'see in compiler manual if,then,end if commands
    Print At 1,1,"Turns : ",Dec6 dev 'send lcd : turns : 000000
    If PORTA.1 = 0 Then 'if the button is pressed
    DelayMS 5 'wait for stablisation
    dev = 0 'Clear the accumulated amount
    End If

    Print At 1,1,
    "Turns : ",Dec6 dev 'update dsplay and show its not relooping from prolong button press
    If PORTA.0 = 1 Then 'when you let go of the button its ready to add another count
    DelayMS 5
    GoTo loop
    End If
    'create a loop
    kind regards

    Jody Botha
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