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    Rittal has introduced two ranges of guide rails for PCBs which it says can be made to suit any depth of PCB insertion. ...

    Intersil is offering a synchronous buck point-of-load (POL) regulator for low-voltage ICs in rad-hard and high-reliability ...

    We all use a large number of electrical items that work reliably and safely every day. As problems are so rare many people get blasé about the need for electrical safety regulations, but recently I saw some sobering statistics.


    A new Picture Gallery has been added to our index - a look behind the scenes at the Witch restoration project in The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.


    An Engineer in Wonderland - A 74HC74 hysteresis mystery The development 'lab' has moved to the kitchen table as the workshop is so cold that there is liquid nitrogen sloshing around on the floor. And as my 'scope, Dr Frustration appears to be in the house. For two evenings I have been trying to fault-find a breadboard circuit with only four components that is so trivial I almost didn't try it. And am not even sure I am at the bottom of it yet.


    What happened to AT&T and the venerable Bell Laboratories? I know some of you will look at this question and say - AT&T is still around, I keeping seeing ads for all sorts of AT&T stuff. Isn't it the largest cellular carrier?


    Initial debugging complete, I knocked up a pcb in the kitchen. I used CadSoft's wonderful free Eagle layout editor to design the board.


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    Thread Starter: normnet

    Coming soon a new IDE: FineLineIDE! Features include:<O:p</O:p Bracket lines linking If-Endif, For-Next etc.<O:p</O:p Tabbed explorer so...

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    Compiler issue with 16F1829 and I2C-LCD

    Thread Starter: Henk57

    Spend this afternoon with a compiler issue; no error's, but my LCD give only first line with squares, no characters, nothing. If I flash an old .hex...

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    CData Table

    Thread Starter: Beginner

    Is there perhaps the possibility to extend the IDE with a 'Raw Flash' command? Currently I have the huge problem that if I want to program a web page...

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    Pulse counter using COUNTER command

    Thread Starter: amod

    How I can use counter command for counting pulses on portd.3 of 16f877A.Iam making a 8 digit object counter.

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