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    A library module for use with Library Manager by JohnGB. This module has been written by Tim Box (Tim on PDS forum). The library module is offered on an as-is basis with no warranty as to its effectiveness, operation or reliability. Users use it at their own risk.

    Adds a new command called MedianFilter


    MedianFilter Array, Elements


    Returns the median of the array by performing a bubble sort on the array and selecting the resulting middle element.


    Array – any Byte array

    Elements - a constant, or byte variable indicating the number of elements within the array to sort

    Include ""
    Dim myarray[10] As Byte
    Dim index As Byte
    Dim temp As Byte
        Seed $0345
        For index = 0 To 9
            temp = Random
            myarray[index] = temp
            HRSOut Dec temp,32
        HRSOut 10,13
        temp = MedianFilter myarray, 10
        HRSOut "the median of the array is ",Dec temp
    The above example code will fill an array with random values then extract the middle value.

    The array will be rearranged. Where the array is an even number the lower of the middle elements will returned.

    Download module

    Download: MedianFilter