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    A library module for use withLibrary Manager by JohnGB. This module has been written by Tim Box (Tim on PDS forum). The library module is offered on an as-is basis with no warranty as to its effectiveness, operation or reliability. Users use it at their own risk.

    Adds a new command called GetParity


    Assignment Variable = GetParity (Variable)


    Returns the parity of the Variable. 1 if parity is odd and 0 if parity is even.


    Assignment Variable – A byte variable. Variable - a byte sized constant, or variable

    Include "PROTON_4.INC"
        Dim ParityResult As Byte  
        Dim OutByte As Byte
        Symbol TX9D = TXSTA.0    ' 9th bit of transmit data. Can be parity bit.
        Symbol TX9 = TXSTA.6     ' 9-bit Transmit Enable
        TX9 = 1                  ' Enable 9 bit data  
        OutByte = 255
        ParityResult = GetParity OutByte
        TX9D = ParityResult      ' Load the 9th (parity) bit
        HRSOut OutByte
    The example above will set up as 16f877 to transmit 9 bits of data setting bit 9 as the parity bit. Data is sent Parity Even

    Download module

    Download: Usart Tools Get Parity