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    A library module for use with Library Manager by JohnGB. This module has been written by Tim Box (Tim on PDS forum). The library module is offered on an as-is basis with no warranty as to its effectiveness, operation or reliability. Users use it at their own risk.

    Adds a new command called SprintImage


    SprintImage Address


    SprintImage Yline , Xpos , Address


    Print either a full size image (128 x 64) on a Samsung graphic LCD from the data held in a Cdata table somewhere in memory, or a partial image at the y line and x pos from the data provided. It will obtain the size of the image from data held within the image file.


    Address - a constant, variable, label, or expression that represents any valid address within the PICŪ micro.

    Yline - a constant, or byte variable pointing to the Y-axis line to start the image printing from. This must be a value of 0 to 7. Where 0 is the top line.

    Xpos - a constant, or byte variable pointing to the X-axis location pixel to start the image printing from. This must be a value of 0 to 127. Where 0 is the far left row of pixels.

          Include "proton_g4.int"    
              SPrintImage 4,20,BatterySymbol
          CData 2,8,_
    The above example code will print a 2 Y line x 8 X pixel icon of a battery symbol on the screen at position, line 4 and x pixel 20.

    Notes When only the Address is supplied the image is taken to be 64 x 128 pixels and will start to print at 0,0. If Yline and Xpos is added then the image size is taken from the first 2 bytes in the image file starting with Y lines.

    Download module

    Download: SprintImage
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