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    Although PDS is shipped for use under Windows XP, Beta testing of ther Windows 7 installer is nearing completion. Use of PDS under Winows 7, Vista and even Windows under Mac OSX is now wide spread among users and will soon be officially supported by Crownhill. However until official support is provided, for those testing under Windows 7, here is a link to WINDOWS 7 Microsoft Signed Drivers for the USB License key.

    There are many posts on our support forums that will assist users that are having issues with thier Windows installation and the USB drivers. The drivers DO WORK correctly Windows can report issues, please don't assume its a driver issue or USB key issue, look at the Windows installation. Antivirus etc first.

    examples post on the forum related to installing drivers

    This update requires manual installation, if you are unsure....DON'T. Currently Winows 7 installation is still in BETA, support from PDS users may be available via the BETA test section of the forum. Although users may obtain help from users that have successfully installed under Windows Vista and Windows 7, by posting a request in the beta test section of the forum.

    32Bit driver

    64 Bit driver

    These drivers are MS signed for WINDOWS 7 ONLY, XP drivers shipped with PDS remain unsigned.

    To use these drivers in WINDOWS 7 installations:

    With your USB license key inserted and the existing unsigned drivers installed and working correctly
    Follow the links above and download files in the appropriate directory, save them somewhere convenient on your local machine
    Locate the entry for "Spark USB Key" in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    Select the option to update the driver
    Choose to install from a specific location and direct the dialogue to the directory containing the new signed driver