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    Welcome to the user wiki for Proton Development Suite, a Basic compiler for the PIC® 10/12/16/18 series of microcontrollers by MicrochipTM, written and distributed by Crownhill Associates Ltd. This site is intended to facilitate the sharing of code, IDE plugins and other related items amongst users.

    Where posts are made in the forum that contain useful code examples or other information, community members can promote them to the WIKI area to preserve them in this managed, indexed area.

    Content on this site is submitted by users and is used at your own risk.

    Addition of content

    Addition of content to the site is open to all Registered users. Please keep all content closely related to the PDS Compiler. Moderators and Administrators manage the wiki to ensure that it is easy to search with articles correctly indexed.

    All Registered users are encouraged to contribute to the wiki, no snippet of information is too small.

    If you wish to test out some features of the wiki, you can freely post test articles in the [Sandbox]. Please do not post real articles in the [Sandbox], it will be cleared periodically.

    Please do not post support questions on this wiki. Instead direct them to the forum.

    Projects are indexed under their own section.

    Creating an article

    All REGISTERED users have article creation permissions, though only moderators and Admins can publish them for the community to view. Article creation is no more complex than posting on the forum, its no big deal !, simply click GO next to the create article option at the top right of the WIKI page and you'll see a dialogue with WYSIWYG editor, to allow you to enter text, images and links.

    If you wish to include ZIP or other files, please upload them to the ProtonBasic web server via the Files tab located in the main menu on the forum. Files stored on the ProtonBasic web server, will be backed up along with the ProtonBasic WebSite and forum. Thus they should be preserved over time.

    To Upload a file, click on the Files Option on the main menu (top of every forum page), and select the section for USER FILES. An UPLOAD FILES button will be visible on the left hand side of the page.

    If you have difficulty locating the upload files button, or there are permissions issues, contact a moderator who will verify the issue and arrange for an Admin to resolve the issue.

    If a you are likely to publish several articles, your chosen moderator will arrange for you to be granted Contributor status, allowing you to to create and publish articles at will without moderator approval.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________

    What should be in the article

    Firstly, plan a short introduction as this will show on the index page. Tell your reader what the project does in one or two sentences.
    For example:
    "This project prints a scrolling string on an 2*16 LCD using a PIC16F628A"
    Next, write a short description of how it works.
    For example:
    "This project makes use of the Proton Development Board.
    The message to be scrolled is stored in EEPROM. At initialisation of the program the string is read and stored in the array aStoreString. An interrupt is setup to set a flag every 100msec. The main loop of the program checks for the flag and if set relocates the cursor and uses the subroutine called PrintNow to reprint the line."
    Inserting code
    When using someone else's code it is important to give them credit and post their exact code, including layout. You might do this by providing a link to their original or an exact paste.

    If you have modified the other person's code then acknowledge this in a suitable way:
    "Based on the code by XXX but modified by me (your name)"
    "Thank you to XXX for the original code, I have modified his/her code because ...... and any questions about this version should come to me".
    Once code is modified it is good practice to change any header comments to both acknowledge the original source and be clear it is modified.

    Then, insert code using the "Switch editor to source mode", insert the code, highlight it and then click the # button to wrap it in code tags.

    If needed, write a section on the hardware construction for the article and perhaps add a photo if it adds value to the article.

    Lastly acknowledge any sources of code or construction details you have used or adapted.


    PDS is developed by Crownhill Associates Ltd. There is an active forum for PDS users at

    To purchase Proton Development Suite, please see the Where to buy article on this web site, or visit Crownhill's online order system to place an order direct on Crownhill in the UK.

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