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    Put your knowledge of PIC® microcontrollers and Smartcards to good use with the PROTON ChipDrive Mobile. This smart and compact handheld unit and a copy of Proton PICBASIC® Development Suite is all you need to develop professional Smartcard applications. The Proton-CDM is a terminal providing a ready built platform for the deployment of mobile Smart Card applications.


    This development solution allows the creation of applications utilising:
    • Smart Cards
    • o SIM cards
    • o Memory cards
    • o Secure cards
    • IR Comms
    • Graphical LCD Display
    • Keypad data entry
    • Serial Memory
    • Sound.

    ChipDrive Features

    The unit is fully programmable and contains one of the latest 18F type PIC® microcontrollers, offering a massive 32K of code space and a huge 1500 bytes of RAM. User interactivity is via a 16 key membrane keypad, and a 128 x 64 graphics LCD that can display both TrueType fonts and Graphics simultaneously ( including moving Graphics. Additional data storage is also catered for by the use of internal 8K bytes I2C serial eeprom, which can be expanded to 256K bytes

    The unit is equipped with a standard IS07813 Smartcard socket and an internal mini SIM (GSM style) socket, IR is an option. (requires a TxRx device to be fitted), PCB pads and IR window are fitted as standard.


    A 40 page booklet accompanies the PROTON ChipDrive Mobile outlining its internal circuitry, and offers many code examples written in the easily understood yet powerful language of PROTON+ PICBASIC®.

    In addition this package includes the very popular ChipDrive Development pack for the PC, containing:
    • source code examples for the PC in:
      o VB
      o Delphi
      o C
    • ChipDrive Micro
    • CardServerAPI and PC/SC support

    Programming the unit is accomplished by a simple serial interface and bootloader, allowing the PIC® program to be transferred to the CDM in seconds via a smart card, or direct ‘device’ programming of the socketed PLCC PIC® microcontroller.

    Shown below are some of the PROTON ChipDrive Mobile’s features.

    Product Specification

    150 grams

    EMI compatibility
    CE 89/336

    Temperature range
    -10 to +50 C

    Card interface life
    200,000 mating cycles

    Contact material
    gold plated brass

    Card current supply
    2 x 0 to 25 mA

    One interface for ISO-7816 compliant smart cards, internal mini sim interface (GSM style module), Optional Infra Red

    Power supply
    Two AAA-size batteries, Battery life upto 50 hours of continuous operation or 2 years standby depending on application.

    LCD, 128 x 64 pixel, graphics capable, Customisable TrueType fonts, downloadable bitmaps, 16 key membrane keyboard with menu and numeric keys.

    110 x 78 x 20 mm

    Body colour
    Dark blue

    2-Wire, 3-Wire, I²C, optional T=0 & T=1

    ISO 7816-3

    Program/Data memory
    8 to 256 KByte EEPROM

    CPU type
    8MHz 16-bit core PIC® microcontroller. Can be configured for 16MHz operation.

    Special features
    Large graphics display, durable housing for field use, compact size.

    What's Included

    1. ChipDrive Mobile Terminal, pre loaded with Bootloader
    2. ChipDrive Card reader writer
    3. ChipDrive PC developers API
    4. Example PC application code in VB, Delphi and C
    5. PC application to load PIC® Program onto Bootload card
    6. Comprehensive documentation with code examples for Proton Basic
    7. Fully Commented Source code for Bootloader
    8. Fully Commented Source Code for 11 example applications
    9. Memory and Protected Memory Smart Cards

    Further Information

    To further discuss the opportunities offered by this comprehensive development solution and to find out more about the smart cards available for use with this package, please contact Crownhill with a brief explanation of your requirements.

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