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    The PROTON-NET development system is an Internet/Ethernet prototyping board using the PIC® 16F877 microcontroller and Networking Firmware. The firmware was developed for the Crownhill Proton-Net board by Jeremy Bentham of Iosoft Ltd. based on the principles demonstrated in his book TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems (ISBN: 1-929629-11-7). Conveniently Jeremy lives just a few miles from Crownhill's offices, so Iosoft Ltd. have teamed up with Crownhill Associates to bring you:
    • A low-cost PIC® microcontroller network prototyping board
    • Proton Plus PIC® BASIC compatible source code, with User Datagram (UDP) functionality
    • A PC interface, using Visual Basic

    The PROTON-NET board supports any 40-pin DIP device that conforms to the standard pin out used by the PIC® 16F877 or PIC® 18C452 and affords low-cost entry into TCP/IP networking on the PIC® microcontroller using the BASIC language, demonstrating data transfer between PCs, target boards, and the Internet, all using the Crownhill Proton Plus BASIC language. The Proton-Net board is also equipped with a 6-pin modular connector to interface directly with the Microchip In-Circuit Debugger (ICD).


    Proton-Net development board

    The Crownhill Associates Proton-Net board provides an ideal development platform for PIC® microcontroller network experimentation. It includes:
    • Full compatibility with existing PIC® microcontroller Ethernet designs
    • PIC® 16F877 or PIC® 18F452 microcontroller with in-circuit programming
    • ICD interface
    • RTL8019AS Ethernet controller
    • 32 Kbyte storage for Web pages
    • 2x16 LCD display
    • RS232 Interface
    • On Board AtoD (test source)
    • Regulated power supply
    • Generous prototyping area (including Solderless development)
    • Full access to all PIC® microcontroller pins
    • Solder or solderless prototyping options
    • Straight through and crossover CAT5 cables
    • Power supply (UK Specification)
    • Documentation including get you started section
    • FULLY Commented source code, with worked examples, to get you up and running in less than an hour

    The Proton-Net is fully compatible with all the existing PIC® microcontroller Ethernet software in the 2nd edition of 'TCP/IP Lean', providing a 'C' language upgrade path to handle more complex networking requirements.

    PIC® microcontroller Software

    PIC® BASIC software

    A Proton Plus BASIC source-code package is supplied with the Proton-Net development system including:
    • Full BASIC source code - no hidden libraries
    • IP, ICMP and UDP capability
    • Commented Source Code Examples:
      o Proton-Net to Proton-Net messaging via IntraNet or InterNet
      o Proton-Net to Internet server application (Displays time from Internet Time server)
      o Read AtoD data from Proton-Net Board A and display same data on proton-Net Board B across the InterNet
    • Comprehensive software description

    Visual Basic Software

    Datagram utility

    A PC-based Visual Basic utility is provided to demonstrate PC-to-PIC® microcontroller network communications.
    • Full Visual Basic source code provided - no hidden libraries
    • UDP server provides data for the PIC® microcontroller
    • UDP client can control the PIC® microcontroller
    • Diagnostic display to assist debugging

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    Front View

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