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    Don't take our word for it !!

    We can tell you about how wonderful the Proton Development Suite is forever, but it's our users who use our products every day — day in, day out. Here's some of their feedback:

    Blake (forum user name: Breed) Delta, Colorado
    I'm just finishing up my first project using Proton (has 2 pics a 16f88 and a 18f2620). Its been a very nice change from assembler, which is how I always did pic programs in the past. Proton opens whole new possibilities of what I can get away with on a pic. The math is really great. This project required quite a bit of it. ......................... I think my assembler days have come to an end.

    Melanie Newman, Chief Engineer, Tekpumps
    “In order to reduce the time to market for ever more complex products, designers have to reach for products that bridge the feature gap left by other compilers. Proton+ reliably bridges that gap for me.”

    Geoff Child, GC Custom Electronics
    “Proton's extensive command set has enabled me to develop top notch code in a very short time. Support is A+ from both Crownhill and the user forum.”

    A. Warren, Director, Darkmass Technologies Limited
    “Proton+ has enabled us to approach custom projects that time constraints simply wouldn't allow us to persue using assembler. It has a very powerful command set and unprecedented support. I would not hestitate in recommending Proton+ to all people and companies working in the electronics field, as it will soon become one of your most valuable assets.”

    Mohammed Tayem, Technical Manager, I.T.C. Inc
    “When I started, I assumed C compilers would be the nearest to assembly and therefore would be the best - I was wrong. After using Proton+ I almost gave up assembly. Proton + made PIC® programming easy, optimized and allowed me to freely switch from one PIC® type to another. ”

    Tim Box, Managing Director, TJB Systems Ltd
    “We had already realised the benefits of increased development times and readability that an Embedded PICBASIC® compiler could offer. Unfortunately our previous variant left us wanting when it came to Graphical LCD data handling and extended variable support. Luckily Proton + came to the rescue, not only did it fill in the missing gaps, it managed to improve and extended the built in command set. With the bonus of being able to seamlessly extend it further ourselves. We can now comfortably tackle any job our clients throws at us, confident in the knowledge that Proton+ has the power to handle it.”

    Samuel Hunt,
    “I find the Proton+ compiler to be absolutely excellent, I've played with others and they don't come anywhere close to Proton+, and it's very reassuring to hear that there's continual development going on. I can honestly say that this is one program that I believe is worth every penny, and unfortunately I don't honestly think I can say that about any other computer program out there at all.”