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    Although PDS is shipped for use under Windows XP, some users have manually installed PDS under Windows Vista and Windows 7. This Beta testing activity is now wide spread amongst users and will soon be officially supported by Crownhill. However untill official support is provided, for those testing under Vista and Windows 7, here is a link to Microsoft Signed Drivers for the USB License key.

    This update requires manual installation, if you are unsure....DON'T. There is no support from Crownhill for the installation of PDS under Windows Vista or Windows 7. Although users may obtain help from users that have successfully installed under Windows Vista and Windows 7, by posting a request in the beta test section of the forum.

    32 Bit driver

    64 Bit driver

    These drivers are MS signed for Vista ONLY, XP drivers shipped with PDS remain unsigned.

    To use these drivers in VISTA installations:

    With your USB license key inserted and the existing unsigned drivers installed and working correctly
    Download and Unzip the appropriate driver into a convienient directory
    Locate the entry for "Spark USB Key" in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    Select the option to update the driver
    Choose to install from a specific location and direct the dialogue to the directory containing the new signed driver
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