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  • Inverted Pendulum

    Recently there is a growing interest in the development and application of neural control techniques.Many approaches have been proposed how to learn appropriate strategies to control a given plant in a desired fashion. In the following, a classi cation of controller design techniques in general is given. It is based on the aspect of available a priori knowledge. This is especially important and useful to distinguish neural learning approaches with respect to potential application areas. It will be seen, that there are several ways of 'learning' a control strategy, each representing a more or less autonomous way of acquiring a control strategy

    An inverted pendulum is a pendulum which has its mass above its pivot point. It is often implemented with the pivot point mounted on a cart that can move horizontally and may be called a cart and pole. Whereas a normal pendulum is stable when hanging downwards, an inverted pendulum is inherently unstable, and must be actively balanced in order to remain upright, either by applying a torque at the pivot point or by moving the pivot point horizontally as part of a feedback system.