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    Here's how I got Proton to work in Linux.
    First, follow Lucky Luke's instructions:
    Download virtualbox. You need the USB support, so the OSE won' t do. The OSE can be found in add/remove (in Ubuntu), the closed source version (with USB support) can be found here:

    Follow the instructions on to install it. Then make a new virtual machine, get the settings right (like serial ports on /dev/tty0, adding a new USB filter for the spark-key-dongle, getting yourself the right user account permissions, adding a line to a configfile to get USB working, etc.) Howto can be found here: If you want to run WinXP in VirtualBox give it more RAM than in the Howto, something around 1gb will do, but do not give it more RAM than your computer has installed and be sure to keep some for Ubuntu itself. Also the virtual harddisk should be a bit larger, like 5gb.

    To use a serial port PIC programmer like the WISP, go to the serial port settings, fill in /dev/tty0 as port path, and select host serial port.
    One thing to mention is that for USB, the linux user account you are using needs to be a member of the vboxusers group, here is a quote from the documentation:
    On newer Linux hosts, VirtualBox accesses USB devices through special files in the file system. When VirtualBox is installed, these are made available to all users in the vboxusers system group.
    Instead of bothering with that, I just run "sudo VirtualBox" sudo may not be appropriate for some people!

    After that, extract the windows vista spark key driver from the beta test forum and replace the inf file with this one here.

    If you don't have access to the beta forums you can probably just use the sparkey.sys from your CD. - I misplaced my CD... (All licensed users have access to the beta test forum - Admin)

    Plug in the spark key and when it prompts you for the location of the drivers, direct it to where you saved the spark key drivers, like on your desktop.

    if you prefer VMWare, the spark key works using the same INF file as above. I have tested it.

    In VirtualBox, I installed XP using a restore CD for my Dell laptop.
    In VMWare, I used a Windows XP Pro CD.
    both installs went without a hitch
    I gave XP 512 MB Ram and it works fine.
    Performance is just fine, in VirtualBox I can also run Netflix! VMWare was kinda jerky with Netflix on my computer.
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