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20th March 2017, 16:24
Hi Lester-
I started to order one of the new USB license keys as a backup, but the shipping cost to the United states is really high- more than the cost of the key itself. Are there any suppliers in the U.S who carry these keys?

Also- I have a license for PDS for my own personal use and I bought a second license for my company. If I order two keys at the same time can they both go for one shipping cost?


21st March 2017, 09:32
Hi, the shipping charge reflects our actual cost. We ship via UPS or FedEx so that we can track the shipment and its insured.

We can enable standard untrackable postage, but if the item does not arrive, or the end user claims it has not been delivered, we have to ship again or refund the person. We loose either way :-(

If you wish to order two license keys and have them shipped to one address we can do that via an email exchange with sales@crownhill.co.uk, at the same time, you can opt for normal post not courier and the postage cost will then drop to about 10.

You are always liable for any local taxes or import duty.

Currently we do not have a reseller for Proton in the USA, we'd like one ;-)

22nd March 2017, 09:39
Existing USB License keys will continue to operate. New sales will utilise the New driver-less USB license key and any replacements shipped from now on will be the new USB license key.

The main advantage of the new dongle is the fact that it is HID, thus requiring no third party driver. Windows natively supports the HID device. Its also smaller and more robust.

There is no requirement to move to the new dongle from the old, but those that want to take advantage of the new device can use the replacement process

and simply exchange the old key for new

or order a backup license key

We have also introduced low cost flat rate shipping charge to destinations outside of the UK for example USA


22nd March 2017, 13:01
A bit off-topic, but how about a flat-rate "dongle-only" version of PDS?

I don't need a CD or manual, and the high cost of shipping to the US is what's kept me using the free version.
I'm fine with downloading the compiler only... just need a key!

22nd March 2017, 13:10
Thanks, Lester! Flat rate shipping is very good news. Ordering now...........