View Full Version : Is my key also dead ?

13th July 2016, 18:26
Cant quite seem to understand what going on.

This is on EVERY PC i have tried to use it on, this includes new installs and older PCs Windows XP windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10.

In device manager is says its there and working.

But all i get on any machine is missing security key.
I have had this key for quite a few years do they fail ? is it that the version has been updated so as not to recognise my old key ?

here is some of the info from the Device manager properties
In the device manager it says
driver supplied by Beijing GDA Technologies Co., Ltd
Hardware ID USB\VID_01B4&PID_0F1F&REV_0288Driver Key {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0042
Driver node strong name oem29.inf:Microsoft.NTamd64:BULKUSB.Dev:5.0.2064.0 :usb\vid_01b4&pid_0f1f
Driver assy Version 5.0.2064.0

Many Thanks

13th July 2016, 22:24
Be sure to download (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/content.php/1450-Proton-Compiler-Updates) and browse to the downloaded driver for the key as Windows will load a wrong driver if given the choice.

13th July 2016, 22:31
Yep did that
Navigated to the folder with the downloaded driver in when windows detected the key.

John Drew
14th July 2016, 00:10
PDS continues to support the same old key. There have been occasional reports of keys failing. Crown hill have a system for dealing with it, it's described somewhere on this site. I'm on my tablet and searching while typing isn't so easy.

14th July 2016, 14:16
I have even found the original invoice 09 June 2010

I guess that I need to send the key back for exchange.

Is it to the same CB6 3PZ as on the invoice ??

John Drew
15th July 2016, 01:54
The contact details are on this page.

where there is information on an exchange key.

I'm a moderator and not connected with Crownhill. If you live in the UK I think the best bet is to ring first.

22nd July 2016, 02:03
Hi guys

Sent my key back, and it says that it was accepted by a neighbor, Wilson ???

Can you confirm that you have received it back for checking .

Many thanks

22nd July 2016, 11:36
Your USB key has arrived, and I got it for testing from the sales department this morning.

It is faulty, and I have informed sales, so they will either send a replacement ASAP, or contact you for further details etc...

I'm not into sales, so I will leave it up to them. LOL.

Sorry that the USB key has gone faulty, but we'll soon have you back enjoying Proton.

26th July 2016, 15:23
Thanks Les

Struggling now without it :(

Did just phone as i've not heard anything and the man I spoke to didn't seem to know anything, he said something about emailing me, but I don't think think they have my email address or phone number :(

26th July 2016, 15:49
Give sales a call now.

I've spoken to sales and they could not find any return address or email or phone number in the package you sent with the USB key in it. Without these, they cannot do a lot.

26th July 2016, 15:57

I have just emailed them after looking at the letter I sent with the key, it does have a return address, but not alot else :very_drunk:
They now have email and reconfirmed delivery address :)