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3rd July 2014, 07:36
I need to build an application that exchange data from PC ad USB pic as a serial port , no need high speed but I must send and receive a few byte.

Where I can find info , tutorial or any other doc to buid my application.

I need a beginner doc to create it , I would like to build a .net application


3rd July 2014, 12:30
On the Pic side there are two basic approaches for this:
- use 'any' pic and a USB<>TTL/RS232 converter (like the FTDI232 family)
- use a pic that has USB capabilities (there are a number of them like the 18F13/14K50 or the 18F2/4550)
On the PC side you will need the following:
- for the USB<>TTL converter you can use any terminal emulator or build your own program that handles serial comm
- for the USB-PIC you can basically choose between CDC and HID. CDC is similar to USB<>TTL. HID needs it's own PC program.

The advantage of the first approach and the CDC approach is that you are able to use standard tools.
The disadvantage of the HID approach is that you will have to build your own USB program to deal with the communication.
Depending on how complex that will be you could start using one of the two USB HID monitors that are available on this site


3rd July 2014, 16:37

Have a look here (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/content.php/4375-Controlling-8-LED-s-with-USB-and-VB). I think this is what you are looking for.

3rd July 2014, 21:36
Thanks for your reply and info

I prefer to use a prolific USB<>TTL converter chip , it a low cost and the use is very fast



3rd July 2014, 22:12

good for you
my experiences with this device are horrible
it may be cheaper then FTDI but it certainly is not faster


4th July 2014, 07:15
Hi Harm

High speed is not important in my application also 1200 baud are sufficient for me so I can use the standard PC component into VB.NET ,everything becomes easier.

The price for a cable converter is about 1,50 so I can use a low price PIC w/o USB feautures.

When I will find a good tutorial to build a native usb application together a VB.NET driver guide ,then I will be able to build my application , now there are a few confusing information for proton and VB.NET, not suitable for beginners.