View Full Version : Dongle Problem with XP

16th June 2014, 14:52
I have been using Proton Basic for about 9 years. About a year ago I got a new computer loaded with Win 7. So I created an XP HD as I have an earlier version of Proteus (6.9) that runs under XP. Proton has been working fine on this system for a year until this morning. Now, the SparKey is no longer recoginized. Proton says, "Missing Key." I went to the Proton Forum and downloaded a 32 bit version of the driver and tried loading it, both with the dongle connected, and (after removing the driver and the dongle) without it being connected. Windows still reports "no driver". I tried pointing the Device Manager to where the driver .inf and the .sys files live and Windows mumbles something about 'these aren't drivers.' The dongle never lights although Windows sees something when it is first plugged in ("Unknown USB Device" message). Any ideas? Many thanks...

Dick Perin

16th June 2014, 17:01
Follow up. It looks like I have a bad dongle. I dusted off and fired up an older computer that I used to use and it does the exact same thing.