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19th December 2013, 09:55
Hi Chaps

I'm stuck making a HID descriptor for a 18F46J50

The code I have used in the past was for a very old version of the compiler. Since then we have a new Proton version and a Proton code built version. Neither of which have a HID demo for anything other than a Mouse version.

So can anyone point me to a tool or info that will help me produce a HID descriptor that will allow basic data transfer.

Really appreciate any help



19th December 2013, 14:35
Hi Tim,

I'm busy updating my USB HID Wizard for the latest version of the compiler.
This uses the example Hid_descriptor.inc from the directory PDS/Includes/Sources.

If you want a descriptor send me a PM containing
-VID (hexadecimal)
-PID (hexadecimal)
-optional serial number
-buffer size
-max bus power (milli Ampere)
-polling interval for the endpoint
& I will send you a descriptor that you can use with


19th December 2013, 15:54
Try this:


19th December 2013, 16:06
Neither of which have a HID demo for anything other than a Mouse version.

If you can used the built-in version (USBIN etc.) there is "HID_Descriptor.inc" - generic HID and "CDC_Descriptor.inc" - CDC HID at C:\Program Files\ProtonIDE\PDS\Includes\Sources\ - as well as a mouse descriptor. I've used the generic HID descriptor successfully.

Obviously not so helpful if you want to use the Microchip ported version, although the descriptors are quite similar.


19th December 2013, 17:34
Les you are one STAR encrusted ... thing

It compiled and worked first time.

Big big thanks!

And thanks to Harm for the offer, at this time the one les posted is working so I'm happy