View Full Version : Problems with USB key

21st June 2013, 14:53

I have installed Proton on my notebook (Windows XP Professional, SP3) and directly at the start-up of the software the message; "ERROR: USB key not found" is displayed.
When I insert the USB key, the red led lights up but the error remains.
On my notebook Norman Endpoint Protection is running but I don not see any message there.
Someone with good tips/trics?

21st June 2013, 20:05
Hi Johan,
Is the Sparkey driver installed correctly?

23rd June 2013, 20:23
Hi Johan,
Is the Sparkey driver installed correctly?

After installation, the two two files; sparkey.inf and sparkey.sys are placed in the corresponding directories.
When i temporary renamed these files and plug in the key, then the led on the key is not lit. After renaming
these files with the original extensions and put in the key again, the led on the key ilts again so I asume
that the drivers are working correctly?