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26th October 2012, 10:30
If it is now better to convert code and to write new code using USB HID Stack instead of USBIn/USBout etc, are there any samples using transfer both ways? There is a mouse and keyboard sample but they only show PIC to PC.
They use, HID_Report_In and HID_TxReport, I assume there are commands for tranfering data from PC to PIC. I cannot find in the manual these commands or any information about this.
Where can I find information explaining how the USB HID Stack works using Proton?


3rd November 2012, 14:34
Dave-S, I posted an example to do what your looking for at http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/showthread.php/68084-PDS-USB-stack

As far as I know there is no documentation as of a few weeks ago. ElectroArt helped me get started. It's easy to use and much better than the old way.