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5th September 2012, 04:20
I've just registered and I want to know how could I do to become a licensed user. several years ago my boss bought for me a PDS version 3.1 in USA ( I live in Argentina), now I started to work with PIC's again and I wnat to upgrade to latest version. The point is I've upgraded to version I have a USB key (spark USB) that works as it should, the problem is I can't remember where was purchased. Is there any way to give a proof that I'm owner of a valid licence key to become licensed user?


John Drew
5th September 2012, 09:32
Send a privare message to Lester with as much information as possible to prove who you are, your bosses name or his company and a a photo of the dongle. Lester may ask for other information.
Welcome to the forum.

6th September 2012, 03:49
Hello John
Finally after digging on a bunch of old papers I found the invoice.
Thank you, I'll contact Lester.

John Drew
6th September 2012, 07:22
Good news, I have trouble finding matching socks