View Full Version : Proton PICbasic V3_5_0_6 versus Proton+ Basic Compiler V3.2.5.5

20th October 2011, 19:17
Hi, I have Proton+ Basic Compiler V3.2.5.5 with the USB dongle Key
but on the web I download the Proton PICbasic V3_5_0_6
what is the difference between these two Versions?

Thanks a Lot

21st October 2011, 07:17
Hi Eddie,

The difference is a lot of improvement. If you download the latest CR then there are a lot more of improvements. This can be downloaded from the Beta section.

23rd October 2011, 07:33
one thig to do, although it is a pain.. is to print off the manual and compare differences, BUT ! first, look at the HELP > DOCUMENTS > WHATS NEW section of PDS under your new 3506, that will give you a lot but not ALL info... a great start though.
And yes, as my good friend Joseph rightly says, the Beta (RC) 3526 is simply excellent -

Please remember to back up ALL your existing PDS projects and keep them same just in case -

23rd October 2011, 08:52
Hi Captainslarty, you talk about a Beta (RC) 3526 release how can I get this
because on the web I download the V3.5.0.6 release.

John Drew
23rd October 2011, 09:23
As a licensed user you will have access to the Beta section. It is at the bottom of the Forum page - scroll right down.
In there you will find a thread and post from Les that has the download and instructions. It also has a What's New when installed and you can see the improvements.

23rd October 2011, 11:23
Hi John thanks, I download now from thread of Les the Proton Compiler V3.5.2.6. and Proton User Macros and I like to try out what is new and better.
I have a small 16F876A project with LCD display , 3 buttons and sensor to 5V converter PCB but I like to change the 16F876A with 16F886
Hope it will do.

John Drew
23rd October 2011, 11:34
G'day Eddy,
I'm not familiar with the 886. Read the data sheets. You may find that you have to change the configure statements but I suspect that changes will be minimal.