View Full Version : USB Descriptor for HID Joystick, fully developed for PDS.

5th January 2011, 16:08

Heres a link to the main PDS USB forums that will give you fully working demos of HID CLASS Descriptor files, with full reportdescriptor files, for a most basic Joystick, and a unit that supports all HID options in Window and MAC game controllers for an 18F4550 without other drivers. (a FULLY MAXED UNIT)
Obviously there is some overlap in these forums. I have tagged this to aid search.

if you refer to HUT 1.2 PDF, you will be able to follow the basic example (apart from the POV /HAT)
for the other example, refer again to HUT 1.2. but note some minor innacuracies in their listings, and that the second example is fully customised. (and offers another way to list the layout -there is a standard format, but no standard layout !), all the detail just has to be there.

Hopefully it will be usefull as a project base, or as a reference.