View Full Version : [SOLVED !] Latest version of Proton Development Suite - in USA

6th October 2010, 00:08
The version of Proton Development Suite (Proton Plus Compiler) offered by OHARARP LLC, USA is 3.1. Is this the official latest version? It is mentioned on this web page that the latest version is 'Version'. Does it mean that someone would buy the version 3.1 and upgrade to by downloading additional updates?

By the way, now there are 3 official reseller for USA as:

1st link does not offer the Proton Development Suite. I am asking about the 2nd link and their price is $165. The price offered by the 3rd link is $199 which is higher than the 2nd one.

Thank you.

6th October 2010, 00:16
Look at the top of this forum and you will see "Updates" follow the link to the latest version

6th October 2010, 02:26
Guest, the latest discs I have received from Crownhill are Version 3.1. The main thing you will receive is the USB key that will allow you to compile and run your code in PDS. Updates are now being provided at the Updates (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/content.php/1447) button above. Since I am a reseller I get to pick pricing and have based this off reasonable exchange rates. Our pricing is comparable after shipping to that of the UK at http://www.crownhill.co.uk/product.php?prod=1334

6th October 2010, 03:09
Thank you Ryan. I got the answer I needed. I wanted to know whether the usb key for 3.1 works with download version 3.5*. I checked the pricing - I think with shipping this would be $165+$12.
Best regards.

6th October 2010, 07:51
I think will be officially released on CD soon, maybe when is released.

Maybe it already has been released but the resellers don't have the latest version in most recent stock?