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25th August 2010, 15:33

Found while installing proton. I even re downloaded file and tried again. Its in the PR Plus.exe file. Please Les when can we expect a clean one.


25th August 2010, 17:28
There is no virus see thread http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/showthread.php/60774-Virus-activity-Proton-Compiler-Setup- (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/60774-Virus-activity-Proton-Compiler-Setup-

25th August 2010, 18:07
If you look carefully this is another virus not the same one they are talking about.

25th August 2010, 18:42
Yes amazing how that program keeps finding a virus when all the other scanners don't , the problem is your choice of virus scanner by that I mean the free one's tend to report everything as virus even Suspicious ffiles ( which are false Positives - not a virus ) to impress you into thinking what a great job it does.I scanned the file with Nod32 Av , malawarebytes and superantispyware the last 2 are better than any virus scanner at finding the type of virus your reporting and I trust them over the virus scanner all 3 reported nothing found.Turn your scanner off and download the file and install it then put the files it thinks are viruses in the exclude list so it doesn't delete them again
I would look for a better AV soulution, if you can't trust les who can you trust
one other thing you can try is google the name of that virus better yet goto the avira website and search for that virus and let us know when you find it

26th August 2010, 05:18
There is no virus, it is - as usual - a false positive. Caused by the fact that the application is encrypted and spawns a copy of its self when running. The anti virus application, is pporly constructed and wrongly identifies this 'trojan' .

You get what you pay for!

26th August 2010, 14:58
Thanks Lester I have turned off the part in the antvir program. All working OK. Great to know,

12th November 2010, 10:23
THAT is why I dumped Avira!

Trust me, I've tried EVERY antivirus there is.

Norton is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW, McAfee bloated, Avira, too many false positives, Nod32 crashes for fun:confused:, Bitdefender misses WAY too much. I could go on but...

I now use AVG FREE and guess what? It's lightning fast, no code bloat, uses VERY little resources when doing a routine scan, AND NO false positives!! Oh I forgot to mention it's FREE!!

The ONLY reason I don't upgrade to the paid for version is that I don't need identity protection and a spam filter.

1) I can smell phishing attempts a mile off.

2) I use Mailwasher it's AWESOME worth EVERY penny. I get 0 spam messages in my inbox, despite 100's on the server and they ALL get deleted 100% guaranteed!!

Try it, it'll cost you nothing and might save you everything.

LOVE the avatar by the way billyminor (my Wife is Canadian) :D

12th November 2010, 10:55
AVG free is probably the best I've found, however I have had false positives with it in the past. MS Security Essentials is also good, (quite fast and minimilistic, better than you'd expect) but I've apparently according to reviews and tests it does not detect some viruses.

One interesting thing I've seen is Prevx, which I believe uses some kind of cloud/distributed/behavioural system to detect viruses. Haven't tried it though. There is also Panda Cloud Antivirus, but I haven't tried this either.

12th November 2010, 12:29

Give Avast a try, look at:



12th November 2010, 12:37
Tried Panda, slows your system to a CRAWL so not my first choice. Avast hmm maybe latest version OK, the version I used missed so much, hence my then move to McAfee

12th November 2010, 13:46
Nod32 crashes for fun
Been using Nod32 for years on xp to win7 x64 and never seen it crash once for fun or any other reason as for false positive it doesn't just delete the file like most but warns me it maybe a virus
Bottom line is no AV is going to get everything everytime if you think AVG is any different your going to get a shock one day ,I spent a whole day cleaning up a friends computer that was protected by AVG free last year so it's not perfect either but your right about the bloat & slowness of the others
Why put up with it when they are no better than something like AVG free that runs faster and use's less resource's , I can't understand for the life of me why whenever you buy a new computer it comes bundled with norton don't these manufactures turn the computer on after installing that and see what a boat anchor it just turned their product into, between Norton running and the UAC turned on it takes 1/2 hr to fire up the computer to check your email providing norton didn't delete it all :)
If you have teenagers in your house or in your life somehow your going to get good at hunting down viruses no matter what AV your installing for them cause some how they are virus magnets :)
if your looking for all free than these 3 are good at cleaning just about everything I've run across, the bottom 2 can run resident but I only run them when I need them (less bloat ) but there very good
AVG Free

12th November 2010, 17:15
add Microsoft Security Essentials to the list, its free and works very well supprisingly and doenst hog resources ,, again M$ are making it harder for me to detest them slowly but surley ; lol

AV's always seem to shoot emselfs in the foot for some reason by bloatwareing

Norton once upon a long ago was a good AV
Kaspersky was ace in its time, light weight thorough and fast ,, I have had to get rid because now its bloated and has a tendency to kill your OS from time to time an I hate reinstalls
Panda was good in its day

They all seem to get to a point and go mad ,, probably the point where they are took out of the hands of software engineers and features are dictated by managment and the likes of PR consultants and pencil pushers ,, who knows.

12th November 2010, 19:41
I was going to put M$ there because I have heard nothing but good things about it ,but I never personally tried it
like you I tried all the above and left them for the same reason , sooner or later they swell up into something which bog's my system down to a crawl the only exception being Nod32 which seems the same through 3 major upgrades to the program while I'll admit there are better AV's out there it's doing what I want and I don't notice it doing it's thing at all

12th November 2010, 20:43
For my corporate clients its still Norton its like windows it has its problem but still better then the alternative, I have been responsible for many company's with many PC's and never had an outbreak and for large scale maintenance 's there management front end works well, yes it slows down the system you just build in a bit more grunt to compensate. In NZ/Australia a mayor bank was of the air for 24 Hours because of a virus flooded there whole network estimate the cost of that o by the way they didn't use Norton ;-)

Have a look at viper it's something I have recommended for private use and so far so good.

Paul V.