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18th May 2010, 14:26

I would like my company to purchase a copy of PDS, but my IT department insists that we see the "License Terms and Conditions" before we can buy and install it on our network. (yes they are paranoid) Can someone post a copy of this? I guess it is the thing that everyone always says "OK" to without reading during install. I have been using PDSLite, but its "Terms and Conditions" page during install is specific to PDSLite.
I e-mailed Crownhill yesterday but have not heard back yet.


18th May 2010, 21:15
I don't get any response from them either, and I have been registerred for 2 weeks now, still in queue for 'moderating'. I email them every now and then and I've had 2 replies from 'Beryl' but no help. My PDS won't upgrade beyond 3.1 something or other, seems to be several years old, have they any programmers left there now?

18th May 2010, 21:18
Huh? so if I'm supposed to be in a queue for moderation before I'm allowed to ask for help on this forum, how come I'm allowed to reply to this query? I typed a response simply in anger, not expecting to actually send it. What goes on in this company?

18th May 2010, 21:21
Have you tried ringing them to see if they can sort you out, Sometimes a phone call goes a long way,
Aslo did you e-mail them from your company e-mail, has if you sent it from an hotmail or simular e-mail account then may be this is why no respone.
I know the guys are busy at Crownhill and must have hundreds of e-mails to go theough

19th May 2010, 01:16
Hello, since we have received this request from only one person, i'm assuming that the guest post on the fourm and the person that emailed us direct are one and the same.

I have replied twice to the person that emailed us direct. A copy of the text in the PDS license agreement has been sent by email.

I guess that its possible that our email responses are not gettingn past the remote company spam check or antivirus??

I dont know, but for sure we (I) have replied.

19th May 2010, 18:22
If you have another e-mail (personal one maybe) you could have it cc'd there too.

15th June 2010, 04:42
Hi Les,

I did indeed get your e-mail and finally was able to purchase 2 seats. Now I just need to figure out how to become a licensed user on the forum. It's kind of a mess and I have not quite figured it out yet. I think the instructions I found pertained to the old forum.

I was able to connect and update to the latest version, but I get the impression there is a Beta out there soemwhere that might be more up to date. I just can't see it yet.



15th June 2010, 07:16
First, you need to actually register an account: http://www.picbasic.org/register.php

Once you have done that, post here again with your account and you can be upgraded by Crownhill to a full licensed user and access the latest release.

15th June 2010, 18:08
Unregistered user, if you register and PM me i'll get you upgraded without further delay.
Yes the registration system is a mess, the buck stops with me. Regardless of why it's like it is.

I'll get it sorted, in the mean time just PM me as soon as you have registered.

18th June 2010, 17:42
I too am a bit baffled - I've been using proton+ for years and have no idea where the invoice has gone. In the bin I suspect. Also where is the "register your copy of proton" box on the home page as alluded to by the first time user's message?
All I want to do is to see if I can use an 18F4685 in place of an 18F4620...


18th June 2010, 18:34
Contact Crownhill with details about when you made the purchase, they will have a record of your purchase number. Or wait until the latest version's loader as passed testing and the new version will be posted for all to see. Until then its for registered users only.

Not sure how to register your copy on this forum, but you need your invoice number before you can do so.

19th June 2010, 08:57
Maybe it's not as simple as I am assuming, but would it not be useful to include registering a name on the forum, as part of the purchase process? Then Hey Presto! no more disgruntled new users :D

19th June 2010, 09:40
Maybe it's not as simple as I am assuming, but would it not be useful to include registering a name on the forum, as part of the purchase process? Then Hey Presto! no more disgruntled new users :D
That would be great, but what about resellers, second hand sales, etc.? It's certainly not the ideal system here, but we're working on it! :D

30th June 2010, 16:53
And also I was a licensed user on the old forum - why can't I be on this one. Contacting Crownhill is not really that easy.

30th June 2010, 21:06
Seems to work fine looking at your status :D ;)

1st July 2010, 04:53
gingpeakin, take a look at your forum status. You have licensed user status on this forum and have had that status for some time
What is the issue? Do you feel that your ability to use these facilities is limited in some way? If thats the case, please give me an example and i'll look into your registration.

1st July 2010, 12:26
Hi Les

Please accept my apologies for ranting on. There's no excuse for it - I simply wasn't paying attention.


1st July 2010, 16:00
Its OK,

just wanted to be sure your user status was working correctly