View Full Version : [SOLVED !] Dongle causing a laptop to bluescreen

19th January 2009, 10:32
We have a copy of Proton Development Suite and I am having a few issues with the installation of the dongle.
The software its self installs fine but when the dongle is plugged in and the found new hardware box comes up I start the installation of the drivers but it then Blue screens.
I cant tell you what the screen says because it only flashes up before restarting the laptop.
I can tell you that it says about physical memory dump.
Any suggestions to get around this?

(btw the laptop is a Toshiba Tecra A9)

19th January 2009, 13:05
Try starting up with the dongle plugged in before power up. I get a blue screen (needs restart) when there are statics or voltage offsets between the programmer and the target board. The dongle shouldn't let this happen though. You sure it's a USB port ?

19th January 2009, 13:17
it is definatly a USB port and i have tried all of them that are on the laptop (3 in total)
i have also tried waht you suggested by plugging the dongle in first but it still results in the blue screen. :confused:

19th January 2009, 13:49
You're the ITGUY, aren't you supposed to know :D

I don't like laptops and have very limited knowledge of them. I'm sure someone would have a looksee and come up with a simple solution.

How about interrupts crashing ? Look in your hardware profile to see if there's any red crosses.

19th January 2009, 15:26
What version of Windows are you using and what make / model of laptop is it?

Some issues with laptops and actually most PC's are related to insufficient current available to the USB bus. There are also other issues in which 9 times out of 10 these can be solved by upgrading the chipset drivers, or if using Vista, switch off UAC.

Once you've updated the chipset drivers and unplugged any unnecessary devices, try again and let us know...

HTH, Dan

If the PC is newer than about '03 / '04 then IRQ's should not be an issue.

20th January 2009, 05:01
You can disable auto restarting by doing this, then give me the error code (I think it's right, just going off the top of my head...)
1. Goto Control Panel ---> System ( or Press Windows key + Pause)
2. Click the Advanced Tab
3. Under the 'Startup and Recovery' section click on Settings
4. Under 'System Failure' section uncheck 'Automatically Restart'
5. Click on 'OK'
6. Insert the dongle. Now the blue screen should stay there. note the error code and search the MS website.
Also report the error code on this forum, we may be able to help.

20th January 2009, 09:25
hi guys
thanks for the feedback. it still is not working but i have managed to get the BSOD to stay on screen
it says Bad_pool_header
"begining physical dump of memory"
i have checked this out and it is apparently the RAM. so i checked it by installing the dongle and software on another laptop of the same model the second one bluescreened as well. any one know of any conflicts like this? or even better a way round them?

o and btw fanie i have only been doing it for 2 yrs i have so much more to learn (as you might of guessed!):D