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14th June 2008, 08:00

I have purchase at the same time PDS+ and P-ICD.

I have installed PDS+ without any problem, update it and PDS+ work perfectly.

Then I have installed P-ICD and during the installation Machine ID show in order to validate the installation.

During the Machine ID typyng, I have make a digitation mistake and an invalid activation code I have obtained. Explaining the trouble to the P-ICD support, I have obtained a new serial and I have finally installed and activated the P-ICD.

Some day later I have make a new compilatoin with P-ICD and a window asking to register the P-ICD appear with a different Machine ID.

I have only one USB PROTON DS KEY and no hardware modification has be done on the PC.

What can I do now? :confused::eek::mad:



14th June 2008, 08:32
P-ICD is not a crownhill product , and does not use the PDS hardware key.
I suggest you contact the P-ICD people on the issue, I'm sure TIM can tell you what has gone wrong

14th June 2008, 08:56
This is in relation to an issue I have been dealing with

I have already given a free licence to try and resolve his problems, but I am told by him that the machine ID has changed since he input the licence key.

We do not generate the licence key, its a function of the IDE we make a call to the IDE to tell us this number as it IS RELATED TO THE DONGLE, and this is what I have informed him. Its the first time I have ever heard of this. And there is nothing much we can do if every time he powers up the number changes.

16th June 2008, 08:42

I wouldlike inform that the problem seem solved thanks to Tim that have sent to me another serial number.

Now P_ICD work perfectly on the desktop and to the notebook, moving accordly the USB key.

Many thanks again