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27th October 2007, 12:15
Hello. Proton IDE doesent accept my USB dongle anymore. It has worked fine for years but after 2 weeks pause, i am unable to get it working again.


- LED lights up
- Windows does install spark USB key
- sparkey.sys and sparkey.inf are located in correct directories
- Spark USB key is located in USB devices and does not report any problems
- USB key is found when i update clean install of PDS. If key is unplugged, its not possible to update the IDE.

Changes to my system that i'm aware of, between working -> not working:

- Installed new game, named "ShadowGrounds".
- Installed dual action USB gamepad to the same hub the key is located in

I have now tried:

- Removing PDS installation and clean install
- Uninstalling sparkey drivers and reinstalling them as instructed.
- Trying out different USB ports
- Uninstalling the mentioned game

I am going to install PDS on my GF computer now.

27th October 2007, 12:35
Finished installation on separate computer which has never had PDS or Sparkey in it.The result is exact replica from my computer.

No antivirus software running or firewalls. I think my sparkey might be damaged somehow. I'm wondering if it might not be coincidence that this happened after using the same hub for Logitech gamepad (new).

1st November 2007, 22:56
The problem has now changed its shape on its own. I wrote this thread http://www.picbasic.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8535.

Seems like USB dongle is detected now, but IDE passes garbled information to the compiler.