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3rd December 2006, 13:23
I am a newbie. I just got my proton dev suite last friday and installed. Unfortunately I still cannot get it to work.

The installation proceeded smoothly and I can even update both the ide and compiler over the internet. However when I try to compile the program says the usb key is not found.

Can someone please help??

3rd December 2006, 14:31
Hello hoyungh,

Does the dongle light up when you plug it in? Thats odd that you can update the compiler and IDE,yet you can't compile code.You can try this.Its a different driver for the dongle.


3rd December 2006, 14:39
Yes it lights up. I am using the new driver for the dongle.

3rd December 2006, 15:35
Did it ever work?I mean were you ever able to compile code?If not then sounds like a faulty key.:(

3rd December 2006, 16:19
I am hoping it is something simple I overlooked or something stupid I did.

When I first installed the application the usb key lit up but I couldn't compile. I called crownhill but by the time they got my email it was almost 5pm friday .

At their suggestion I looked through the forum and tried almost everthing that looked similar to my problem. I didn't realise I was not supposed to be able to update the program without the key until today. (stupid huh?)

Thanks for your quick replies. You're really responsive.

What you're saying suggests there are separate passwords for updating and compiling and the password for compiling is corrupted in my unit.

I would rather not have to send the key back to crownhill and perhaps crownhill could use the same password for both in my case when I next update the program.

Or maybe its just something silly that I did.


3rd December 2006, 16:25
Hi hoyungh,

Yea I'm not exactly sure how the dongle works as far as updating and compiling.Seems like if you can update you should be able to compile code.If you look in the device manager and everything is ok then from the pc side everything is working ok,and if the key lights up the dongle is ok as well. sounds like you may have to send it back to CrownHill.Sorry to hear of your problems.

3rd December 2006, 16:50
What version of the compiler are you showing?

3rd December 2006, 17:08
ide version
compiler version

3rd December 2006, 19:00
Do a virus check, if you find any virus on your p.c., reinstall proton from scratch. I had a similar experience a couple of months ago, where's mine didn't compile either, and if I remember correct, it did produce the "key not found" message at some stage.


3rd December 2006, 19:23

I had the same problem but it was not a virus. I sent the key back and replaced it immediatly. It was after a year and a half of purchase and use.



4th December 2006, 01:47
just completed scanning with avast. no virus found. Will reinstall tonight to see if any change.
Thanks for suggestion

8th December 2006, 17:19
After the last post I reinstalled proton dev suite as follows:

1. scanned for virus and adware
2. uninstalled the application and the usb key
3. turned off all programs
4. installed proton dev suite and then the usb key
5. turned off system and then restarted it up again
6. logged on to internet and updated ide and compiler

when I next loaded a program to compile the usb key not found message

I returned the usb key to crownhill and just got the replacement key today. To my horror I find it works exactly the same way as the old usb key.

Please note I get the same result on a toshiba satellite A80 as well as a pc clone running windows xp.

Any ideas what I have done wrong?

8th December 2006, 17:33
By any chance, do you have HP printer driver installed? I forget about this but I had a problem with these in the begining. I uninstalled these drivers (and all USB devices from control panel / device manager), turned off all USB devices, and then installed PDS first, and then all the rest.

Hopes this helps.



8th December 2006, 19:44
have usb mouse connected to toshiba notebook. tried your suggestion and uninstalled PDS ,usb mouse and usb key then reinstalled PDS and usb key. Did not install usb mouse. When I started PDS all ok until I loaded program then error message showed up.

Thanks for your suggestion but it appears there must be something else.

8th December 2006, 21:14

I have found sometimes to remove the whole usb sub tree out of the device manager uninstall all the restart it will rebuild the interface then install the key only. There must be a software/hardware conflict as you have already swapped the key.

Are you using other USB devices on both PC i.e. already installed drivers ??

maybe try a friend's PC I make a living out of PC's and sometimes two pieces of hardware/software just can't live on the same system at the same time.

what is stranges that you can update but not compile as it uses the same keysystem ????

Paul V.

9th December 2006, 01:11
Thanks for that tip. For the toshiba I was going through the whole device list to see what to uninstall. Removing the usb sub tree is much easier. For desktop I did as instructed.

When it first came on it reinstalled isb root hub by itself. I then installed PDS, followed by usb key and usb modem.

Unfortunately no joy. I updated both ide and compiler but it still won't compile.

Mark Rodgers
9th December 2006, 04:09
Hello Hoyungh,

I am sorry you have this bad problem, it is very rare to find this trouble and hard to think what can be the solution, please keep trying as it realy is a superb product.

I see from the topic you have tried the install on 2 machines and the fact you are not UK based makes me think that perhaps there is a windows component instalation that may be causing the trouble which does not show itself with the standard UK/US language/keyboard/font type stuff that most of us over here use and do not see the problem, sorry but I am clutching at straws and looking for some common logic that would make your system fail on both machines.

Are you able to test it on a UK/US based system or reinstall like this to try it?

It is very strange that you can use update but not compile, if my USB key is not plugged in and I try a download it will fail as it knows the dongle is missing, this is a new fault that I have never heard of before.

Best of luck.

9th December 2006, 05:06
I am using uk/us based system. Brittania used to rule here till 1957 and I can't read Chinese :( however I am not giving up so long as you guys don't. You guys are great.

Will try to get new harddisk next week and do fresh install of windows and install pds as first application if all else fails this weekend.

John Drew
9th December 2006, 07:18
Hang in there Hoyungh, you are very patient and you'll find the forum a friendly place for people with problems, especially for someone like you who doesn't blame the product first. It is a great compiler but computers being what they are unpredictable things do happen.
Best wishes from Oz,

Mark Rodgers
9th December 2006, 17:43
Have you found the threads that other people have made, who also had problems with the dongle?
(look at the "Search" button at the top of the page), I remember that is a different version of the "sparkey.inf"(do a search for that, it might get it first time) which some people have needed to use instead of the one supplied with PDS.

I am still thinking that there is some common reason that you two machines do not work in the same way which could point to something you have installed on both machines(or have had in the past and it has not been uninstalled correctly).

9th December 2006, 19:46
tried the other sparkey.inf file same result. Reinstalled lite version. Noticed editor for lite version had allow user to have pds access checked. did it for pds version still same problem

10th December 2006, 09:18
spent the whole afternoon installing pds on a fresh harddisk with exactly the same result as before. I only installed the operating system and pds so what exactly is wrong with the setup? I have not installed the modem so I don't know if I can update over the internet but so far I have tried with win98 and winxp and it still says usb key not found when I try to compile. Any ideas anyone?

10th December 2006, 12:50
Hi hoyungh,

Sorry to hear that you are still having troubles.Even after you have got a replacment key.You could send the whole thing back cd and key and see if the guys at crownhill can come up with something.

Mark Rodgers
10th December 2006, 17:17
This is very very strange, it tells me that there must be a piece of software in your windows install that is clashing with the key file, or the USB socket or interface is (for whatever reason) not working with the sparkey(despite the update), are you plugging the key directly in to the PC and not in a hub, and are you using a keyboard and mouse that have wires and not an RF adaptor?
What about the monitor and sound cards etc, are they built in to the mother board? or do you have extra ones installed?

How about putting Proton in the startup and starting the machine without the mouse and pressing F10(compile) to see if the mouse is causing trouble,
you could also restart without a keyboard and just use the mouse.

When you compile what exactly is the message? mine says "Error : USB Key not found!" when I unplug it.

Have you tried to plug it into other USB sockets and see if it tries to reinstall it?(sure you will have)

The last thing is to try it on a friends machine or at work, if it still does it there must be a common windows component that is causing a clash for some silly reason.

I dont think I can imagine any other things to try( got to you local computer shop and install it on every machine until it works, then buy it?)

It is strange as I (among many others here) have installed PDS on many machines(3 laptops 5 PC's that I remember) in the last few years, none are the same manufacture or type of processor or windows(all using LEGAL copies!), and none have any common parts and all work with zero problems.

One last thought, and then I can think of no others, could you get a copy of windows from a friend in the UK/US (used and activated, but will allow the 30 day activation period) to install and see if you can compile then?

Best of Luck

10th December 2006, 20:16
You got me now :(

As you can tell there are many of us here that done this many a time, some times easy some times a bit of a challenges but always successful in the end.

Can you find a friend or shop to give you a hand you have to rule out the disk/key first before we can really get down and dirty.

PS have you email crownhill with all your test results.?

Paul V.

11th December 2006, 10:41
Today I spent two hours installing the program in 5 notebook computers in a shop sellin computers( a compaq, a dell , a fujitsu, an acer and a toshiba). The first two were fresh out of the box.
As you can imagine I was wearing out my welcome towards the end of my visit. Obviously I was not allowed to do too much but I did install both the program and usb key on all of them. As usual they all reported usb key not found when I tried to compile.
I cannot believe crownhill intends to so seriously limit their market so it must be something to do with the program /usb key interface

11th December 2006, 11:00
Today I spent two hours installing the program in 5 notebook computers in a shop sellin computers( a compaq, a dell , a fujitsu, an acer and a toshiba). The first two were fresh out of the box.
As you can imagine I was wearing out my welcome towards the end of my visit. Obviously I was not allowed to do too much but I did install both the program and usb key on all of them. As usual they all reported usb key not found when I tried to compile.
I cannot believe crownhill intends to so seriously limit their market so it must be something to do with the program /usb key interface

Send the package back to Crownhill. It must be something with the key definitly. After a year and a half mine developed that problem too. It updates but not compile, changed it and now runs ok.



11th December 2006, 11:53
This is the new key they sent me

11th December 2006, 14:18
Hello hoyungh,

as you know we are trying to resolve this issue.
In case you ahve not received our email
We have not received the original key back from you yet, so we cannot comment on its funtionality, although when we do receive it we'll ba able to report as to why it failed.

In the mean time, we will send you by courier a THIRD USB key, though we do not expect that you ahve had two faulty keys. But this will ultimately rule out they key as being the issue.

11th December 2006, 14:30
Have the USB keys been tested on a installed application before being dispatched?
Maybe a faulty batch?

My penny's worth.


11th December 2006, 14:40
Thank you. I do not believe you could have sent me two faulty keys. It would have been too embarassing. I also do not believe you would want a situation where most of your customers could not install your product. Maybe it is a faulty installation cd.
Seeing sparkey is a chinese company maybe there's a communication problem.

In Malaysia quite a few companies doing accounting software install a "timebomb". The products start to give trouble after a time and you are sold upgrades to overcome the problems which ties you in to other products they market.

I am surprised you have not got the original key. I will call TNT tomorrow. Generally they have been very reliable. When I called them last friday they expedited delivery of your second key and I received it friday evening instead of monday morning.

Am I the only one having this trouble?

11th December 2006, 16:33
Hi, Yes i agree its unlikely that we have sent out two faulty keys. We'll ship you a new key and new CDROM, though your explaination of the error seems to suggest that the software is correctly installed.

I am 100% sure that there is no communications probelm with China!. They really have nothing to do with our distribution and use of the keys. Keys are all programmed and configured by us, we don't install "time bombs" or any other such crippling routines. _ hope thats not giving too much away to the group that have openly stated that the're working on breaking our license system.

Its strange that we have seen three people with key probelms in one week, however they have all been from different batches and have presented different probelms, so we guess that its just a coincidence, though i'll be checking when your keys get back to me to see if we have some problem with Programing at this end.

11th December 2006, 19:35
if a faulty cd is the problem, wouldn't it save time to send the entire software through e-mail? as the program can't be used without the usb key, i don't see why this isn't viable.

PS: just a thought, have there been any other sales to malaysians?
would this make a difference if there hasn't? sorry if these questions seem obvious but i'm grasping at straws here.


Mark Rodgers
12th December 2006, 02:20
nuf said

12th December 2006, 11:01
Hello all, we have posted a general announcement today 12 December 2006

Following investigations at this end, due largely, to the events that have been discussed in this thread, we have discovered an error in our production process that has allowed us to ship some faulty keys.

Over the last 10 days we have shipped between 3 and 10 Faulty USB keys.

We are aware of the clients that this may affect, some of whom have already been in contact with us, the rest will be contacted by us today.
We will of course remedy this situation with the utmost haste, all replacement keys will be sent by the fastest available method to ensure minimal delay.

It would appear that hoyungh has received TWO keys with this issue.

We offer our sincere apologies to hoyungh for this serious oversight.

Yes keys were tested before they left here…….unfortunately the wrong test:eek:

OK, OK shoot the tester…..It was me!! ......hoyungh, I’m really sorry, I’ll be contacting you by PM to ensure that you’re happy with our solution.

Note that the maximum number of people affected by this error is 9, of which 2 have already been identified and rectified.

The minimum number affected is 3.

This error has never occurred before and is most unlikely to occur again.

We offer our sincere apologies to those that are affected by this error.

12th December 2006, 18:20
Excellent that you found the problem Lester:)

We where running out of options where to look next:confused:

We all have little problems from time to time.

Lets hope it all gets fixed quickly.

And we endup with more happy proton users.

Paul V.

12th December 2006, 23:37
Hey I am happy ok. Come the weekend I'll be testing code in proton. I hope you won't hear too much from me then cause I am a slow learner.

Thanks to all. You guys are really responsive.