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2nd September 2006, 20:08
I know this has been covered in the forum before, but I have tried everything.

Last night, I was finishing off some work ready for Monday morning. I compiled my program for what I hoped was the last time, only to discover this morning that I had set the wrong port for an LED. When I went to compile Proton after fixing my error, I got a USB Key Not Found Error, even though the usb key was plugged in (in fact it's been plugged in the same port for the past 6 months). The key was still listed in device manager. When I unplugged the key, and plugged it in again, Windows correctly identified it and installed it.

The only thing I have done is to install Microchip's FSUSB program ready for another project that needs a USB bootloader. I programmed the bootloader into another PIC and tried to connect it, but it came up as an Unknown Device, so I left it because I needed to get this project finished.

I have searched through these forums and tried everything I could find, including trying the different inf file. I have completely removed the key driver and re-installed it. This doesn't seem to be a problem with windows not finding the correct driver, it seems to be a problem with the IDE not being able to find the key.

I don't have a working spare pc to try.

Any help would be much appreciated as I really need to get this project done before tomorrow morning.

2nd September 2006, 20:49
I decided to re-install xp and that fixed it.

I know it seems a bit drastic but I had already spent over 8 hours trying to get to the bottom of the problem. 35 minutes of re-installing xp and it works :)

If anyone has had the same problem and found a solution, I would be very interested to know in case it happens again.