View Full Version : Porton Net question

6th May 2006, 20:28
I've read the on line proton.net manual and it revolves around the reltek lan chip, as it should, since thats the part you are using. I'm planning on using the MicroChip part (SPI-Ethernet IC) and there soon to be released series of MCU's that have the Ethernet controller built in. Are there plans to support these in some form. Would it just be a matter of setting up the chip diferently and the rest of the software functions would work ok ARP,MAC UDP ect.... I assume that since the same person did the Microchip stuff and the Proton (iosoft?) that it should be pretty seemless. I'm very close to buying Proton net, not really for the hardware but for the software. On the other hand the Reltek chip is alot cheaper but also makes the board layout more difficult. The SPI approach saves alot I/O that can be used for other things. I do not know how the new MicroChip MCU's handles this but I assume its their present chip incorperated into the MCU so SPI won't be needed.

Thank you