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17th October 2005, 15:48

I 've tried the lite version great soft.

I noticed that performing for example a print , after compilation the lcd subroutines did not appear in the asm window.
only a call print appear.

I've called the company and i was replied that the call subroutines could be monitored in the asm library but i did not fing those library.

were are they, is it possible to get the entire asm code includind the calls subroutines to modify it as the assebly code can be modified.


jean mi

18th October 2005, 08:37
The set of routines created by Proton can be found in the .PBP file.

18th October 2005, 10:35
Thanks Les for replying,

sorry to be stupid but what are the pbp files, were can i consult it ?
is it possible ?

in fact i though that the entier assembly code could be consulted so that the progrmmer is able to modify simpify the assembly code .


jean mi

18th October 2005, 12:46
PBP library file is generated in response the commands used.

If you want to see whats makes up the file, compile a program using the command then just open the xxxx.PBP file from the editor, were xxxx is the name of the bas program you wrote.

If you want to change the code in there there are 2 methods.

1 is to compile open both the ASM and PBP file in the ASM editor then alter the PBP file save and when looking at the ASM file hit the compile button.

2 Write your own command and disable the command via the #disable command replacing it with your own code. There was an example of this in action posted the other day by Les in relation to a Cwrite command.