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P.N. Shaji
30th April 2005, 07:11

Iam planning to purchase the PROTON SUITE, before that please clear this doubt also.
Currently Iam using PROTON+, is for only ONE PC. The SUITE is with USB that can use in any " ONE " system. That UPGRADED SUITE is required PROTON +..?
So how the SUITE will work in any "ONE" system..?

P.N. SHaji

30th April 2005, 08:46
Hello, PDS is NOT simply an upgraded version of proton +, PDS is a new product. PDS uses the USBKey to verify the license, it does NOT rely on Proton Plus. When upgrading your Proton+ license becomes invalid, however for diagnostic and backward compatibility you can still use your Proton+ system, whilst it is installed on the machine, PDS and Proton+ will sit on the same machine and run independantly.

HOWEVER once you upgrade to PDS you will NOT be given further activations for your old Proton+ installation, so you cannot move it to another machine.

The Upgrade to PDS supercedes the Proton + license.

You should have no fears, PDS is far superior to proton+ and from your forum registration you are running 2.1.3 which is an old version that really is so out of date that i wonder how you survive with the limitations.

Even those users not upgrading to PDS should be running Proton+, NOT 2.1.3

P.N. Shaji
2nd May 2005, 06:05
Dear Lester,

Thank you for your explanation.

I purchased 2.0, and upgraded to 2.1. From my state, for upgrading through internet, it will take a very long time. So I waited for a major changes/versions.
But you released PDS. So I am waiting for that.

Thanking You

P.N. Shaji

P.N. Shaji
10th May 2005, 06:24

I updated to 2.153.

please clear my doubt.

I purchased 2.0, and updated first with 2.1, now udpated to 2.153.

Now my PC contains these three installations, can I remove the 2 previous installations..? If accidently I run any previous version what will happen..?

Thanking You

P.N. shaji

16th May 2005, 07:55
Hi Sorry, I diod not see your posting earlier.

Yes you can remove old installations

But be careful not to delete the contents of the installation directory in use.

Always backup your work files first!

If you run the older versions, you may have probelms with the license enforcemnt system, it is best to run only

P.N. Shaji
19th May 2005, 14:37
Thank you Lester