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Bill Rau
29th April 2005, 18:10
I am getting ready to purchase Proton IDE and had a question. I have two computers which I use one is an old laptop which I use in my hamshack for running my Parallax/Tech-Tools PICWriter programmer. My other computer is a P4-1Ghz desktop that I use most of the time in my house. I never use both computers at the same time so I could just move the USB Key back and forth, however, I am worried about the wear and tear on the key. Can I purchase a second key so as to be able to leave them plugged in all the time? If so would the second key cost as much as the whole package? Just wondering.
Thanks, Bill

29th April 2005, 18:50
YUP you can just move the key from PC to PC.
I wouldn`t worry too much about wear and tear as USB plugs are designed for a life of plugin plugout , but if your really concerned just use a short USB extension and leave the key plugged into that ,, then plug THAT in and out ,, if the lead wears you just get another.
If you want two keys as far as I`m aware you have to pay for the two licenses

Hope this helps :D

Bill Rau
3rd May 2005, 16:58
Thanks Maverick for the info. I was a little concerned as to the likelyhood of the USB key wearing out. I appreciate the tip, that's a good idea.
Thanks again, Bill Rau