View Full Version : [SOLVED !] Need help getting started

30th January 2005, 22:12
I have a proton net Embedded ethernet board which im wanting to use to create a home automation system over the internet.

The program that came pre installed on the chip and the webpage is exactly what im after. I have all the source code for the chip that came with the TCP/IP Lean book (located in chipweb\pcm).

Im wanting to modify the code to suit my need but im having trouble just compiling the HEX file. First problem it had was it couldnt find the 16f877.h file, which i then downloaded.

Im now getting errors in the header file.

Can anyone help me? does it matter if im using Microsoft Visual studio for all my compiling?

30th January 2005, 23:28
HUH ??

16F777.h sounds like a C header file to me , and as far as i`m aware MSVS doesn`t compile for pic chips.

PDS is a basic language of it`s own that copiles to toght ASM and HEX

31st January 2005, 11:41
Hi Maverick, thanks for your reply.

What complier should I be using, the two compiliers that came with the proton net CD are just trials and limited to a certain number of lines.

What im trying to do is use the proton net board to switch on LED's over the internet using a webpage. Similar to the demo that came pre installed on the proton net boards, but instead of just two LED's Im planning on using 4. Then once thats working, being able to control electrical appliances such as lighting.

So I was hoping to be able to adapte the source code of the demo program.

Im assuming all the source code for the demo program is in the TCP/IP Lean book which I purchased as it goes well with the proton net board.

Sorry if the first message didnt make much sense. It was late!