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5th January 2005, 16:33
I am looking into upgrading to PDS for only 37 it looks a good deal, however, a couple of questions if anybody could help/advise:

a) I like the new interface of PDS hence my interest, but can I get just that upgrade?

b) The reason fo (a) is that I have full license of Proteus Pro so do not need that part of PDS if I understand things right?

c) Like the idea of dongle, but could a second dongle be purchased as I work between desktop and laptop?


5th January 2005, 17:20
There should be a link to the upgrade options page in this forum (under the pre-sale and upgrades section), as for your second question as far as i am aware , if you have the full licensed version of proteus it should intergrate with PDS in place of the restricted vesion provided with the compiler :D

If you want a second dongle I beleive you will have to buy a second copy of PDS as it is basically two lisences, this isn`t really a problem though as you can install PDS on all your machines but it will only compile code when the dongle is inserted, you just put your dongle in the laptop when you want to use that and into the pc when your using the PC ,no problems after all you can only work on one machine at a time anyway.

hope that helps

5th January 2005, 17:26
Many thanks. I think I will upgrade, but going to try the 2.13 to 2.15 first when I can log-in.


6th January 2005, 09:50
Hi Dartec,

You don't need a second dongle, the dongle can be used on any PC with a USB port and you can install the PDS on more than one computer and you can edit files and use some of the other facilities, you only need the dongle in order to compile your code.

Regards, Trevor

6th January 2005, 11:08
Hi See Mos,

Many thanks for that.

So I just install the software on my PC and Laptop use as need then donglise when ready to compile?

I have tried the upgrade from 2.13 to 2.15 and got confused with the license key file so I have had to request another key.

If the dongle system stops this then I am up for it, will probably order upgrade today/this week.


6th January 2005, 12:11
Hi Ray,


I noticed your location. I come from Wakefield and worked in Morley for many years before moving to Aberdeen.

regards Trevor.

6th January 2005, 13:26
Hi Trevor,

A Yorkshire lad as they say. Good to hear, I am a Sheffielder but lived in Leeds for the last 18yrs, moved through work and stay since. Meeting a Leeds lass and settled down did it.

I travel around and go to Scotland often but Aberdeen not as often.

If I may ask a question and apologies to others if this is not the right place, but I take it you have the PDS, do you have Proteus also as I do. If so when you press F10 does it run Proteus and load the hex code automatically or not?

The trial version I am trying on another pc doesn't seam to do that, may be one of the limitations.


David Barker
6th January 2005, 13:35
> If so when you press F10 does it run Proteus and
> load the hex code automatically or not?

Yes, PDS will do this. When you have associated a hardware board with a particular project, pressing F10 will compile your program, load the *.hex file into PROTEUS and then start running the simulation. You can also use F11 to skip compilation and just load and run the *.hex file. For more information, see the online help


Don't forget, you need or higher of PROTEUS to integrate with PDS.

6th January 2005, 14:09
Hi David,

Many thanks. I have 6.6.


11th January 2005, 19:53

Just to say I am up and running with PDS and .... WOW!.