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4th December 2004, 22:16
I have today used the Online PDS update facility.

Everything went OK, but I have a couple of questions.

I use 3 PC's for working on. (that's why I have ALWAYS had the dongle version). Do I have to go online to update all 3? One of the PC's is NOT connected to the net. How do I update this one.

Would it be possible to run the update from one location, save the files and run them on the other machines. This would save time and download costs if we are on a limited download or dial up connection.


5th December 2004, 08:07
I'd like to know this too, as my PC's broadband modem is on a card and hence not transferable to my laptop.

I hope I don't have to buy a new modem just to install the updates :(

5th December 2004, 08:20
I have in the past just copyed the contents of the directorys over from one pc to the next and as long as I moved my dongle I had no problems.

6th December 2004, 00:15

Do you mean ALL of the directories associated with PDS? :eek:

This would again make life very difficult as I would have to 'burn' them all onto a CD as I have said before, one of my machines is not connected to network or internet ( I like to keep it totally virus free!!!) :D

Hope there is an easier solution out there. :)


6th December 2004, 00:48
Well you are going to need the Proton files including the Inc files and there are a number of files in the PROTONIDE directory other than those in the PROTONIDE root that will need to be saved (I think) so for me it was easier just to copy the whole lot over.

If a CD is the only connection you have then its just the same effort to do the lot than hopefully select only the ones needed.