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18th November 2004, 04:14
A simple question ....we (a friend and me ) want to buy PDs but how can both use this single copy if its dongle activated ,,we live in different locations and need two activation keys.I read in the web that Cronwhill offers up to 3 licences for a single copy .we can not buy 2 copys for price ..its high for us in our country.Perhaps you can bring us some way for solve this and we can buy yours great soft..

Thank you very much


18th November 2004, 06:16
Hello, this is NOT something that Crownhill can support, we cannot offer you a discount for your freinds copy of PDS.
The USB Key effectively prevents the use of duplicate copies by "freinds" as was happening with Proton Plus Compiler. We have never sanctoined anything more than one licence per purchase. Multiple installations for a single user licence were permitted, the abuse of that flexibility is what you refer to :mad:

However, if you approach one of our resellers (http://www.picbasic.org/wheretobuy.php?id=protonds) you may find that they will offer you a discount. We have no control over their sales policy, therefore they can adopt a more flexible approach.

Please understand that we are not unsympathetic to your plight, but we have to support our distribution chain, this results in much of our commercial flexibility being transferred to the reseller.
I would be very surprised if you did not find at least one reseller that would support your request;)

18th November 2004, 13:26
Thank you for yours quikly response ,I be sincerly ,its a money question.....but I dont undestand "I would be very surprised if you did not find at least one reseller that would support your request" what kind of support can offer me the reseller for this "trouble" that yours company cant do . Can you explain me a lite?
I dont want to be offensive or post a question that is " out the way" for this forum ....
english isnt my language.....
Thank you very much Mr Lester

18th November 2004, 17:16
Sorry Mr lester I forget these questions:
I must have dongle permanently connected? or only its for instalation? if the dongle is permanently connected I cant use this usb port or its pass trough ..? how I can protect the dongle if its all time connected for dont "burn" it....can I use others USB ports when it is in my machine without interferences??
Thank you

18th November 2004, 18:49
Hello, yes the Dongle must be connected while you use the compiler, No it will not Burn Out

If you need more USB devices connected simply buy a $5 USB Hub to expand your single USB port to 4 or 5.