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5th November 2004, 09:38
Dear developpers,

after getting the Lite version of your PDS and once I have analized the product, I consider you have done a very good job with Mecanique and with ISIS.

I have got some doubtson this regard:

1.- The suite has been installed on the MPLAB and it compiles properly but with the following error message:

"Failed to load …(path)..MPLAB_TEST.COD"

The report on the Tab Build shows:

Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files.

Clean: Done.

Executing: "C:\Archivos de programa\Crownhill\PDSLite\PR_PLUSLT.exe"


PROGRAM COMPILED OK. 12 Words used from a possible 2048

0 Variables used in the 16F628A from a possible 224 BUILD SUCCEEDED: Thu Nov 04 10:01:54 2004

What does it mean???

2.- I know about the IDE environment of Mecanique because I am a user of the Micro Code Studio Plus and I consider it as a good tool. There are very good modifications such as the plugins and the registers of the micro on the Explorer code. However, I miss two things:

A. The tool In Circuit Debuger that the Micro Code Stuido has is very useful to detect errors. Are you going to develop an ICD?

B- Complete the information of the micro registers in the same way than Microchip does by defeat with the values when starting and when it is read and write.

3.- Is there anywhere in the Proton where we can find brief examples of implementation as MELABS?

4.- I have been told that updates are always free, Is that true?

For the moment I am working with MCS Plus and Pic Basic Pro but I am going to buy the Protón as I think it is much better than the MELABS product.

Congratulations again for you product!


Ricardo Gamboa