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Paul Shepard
4th November 2004, 09:01
Does anyone know what the current delivery time is for a Proton+ to PDS upgrade is. I placed an order on Crownhills website on 26/10/04 and received an order acknowledgement email. But I have not received anything to say when it may be shipped.



4th November 2004, 09:25

I placed my order via the website on Sunday 24th and after a minor hiccup the PDS dropped through my letterbox either on the Weds or Thurs morning. Deliveries normally don't take this long, perhaps they have run low on manuals. The best thing would be ring them up and ask them what is happening.


Peter :)

4th November 2004, 10:18
Our deleivery times are normally very good.

I am not sure why your order has been delayed.

I will ask the sales team to look into this, but of course you can contact them on sales@crownhill.co.uk.

Paul Shepard
4th November 2004, 13:42

Thanks; I did not want to bother Crownhill because I assumed they would be very busy with all the upgrade orders and that the order would take a week or so.



PS Just tried the spell check, another great addition!

5th November 2004, 04:38
Got my order in San Diego 3 days after the web order.

5th November 2004, 06:13
Hi Lester,
I ordered 29 oct. on the website. yesterday I send a e-mail to sales@crownhill.co.uk with a copy of the order, but no news too. Is a problem with shipping PDS to France?

5th November 2004, 10:21
Hi, there is NO problem with shipping PDS to France. You can order from us or the French reseller.

If you placed an order on our web site on 29 October you can confirm that we have shipped by emailing sales@crownhill.co.uk with the order reference sent to you by email after you placed your order.

We are currently working on an order tracking system that will allow customers to check the progress of their order through our system. It's a good tool for users, plus it will show just how efficient we are and how quickly we process orders, something that we are very proud of!

Remember, on the forum you only see the questions about the odd order that may not have run smoothly, not the hundreds that go through without a probelm. So publicly accessable order tracking is high on our agenda of improvements to the ordering system.

8th November 2004, 15:13
Just to follow up, I've implemented an order status system which from now (8th November 2004 at 15:00 GMT) will allow you to track how your order is progressing.

When you make your order with www.crownhill.co.uk you'll receive your usual email, but it will now include a link which details the status of the order, whether we have a query on it, when we shipped it, and what courier we sent it via.

I've created some mock ups to show you what it'll look like: