View Full Version : Can I use the Proteus Licences I already have?

C H Whitehead
29th October 2004, 19:00

I would like to know if I will be able to use the Proteus ISIS VSM licences I have already purchased, with the IDE?



29th October 2004, 21:04
Hi Clayton,

It certainly works on my system using the latest version of Proteus VSM. I'm sure you will love the latest version of the development suite.


29th October 2004, 21:49
The IDE looks at the Version of Proteus and so long as it's >6.5 (I think) it will use that instead.

I have to say the ISIS is really a excellent product, world class! I have been working on some code that requires 1 pic to talk to another and to do it in real life would have been just about impossible as if B cant under stand what A is saying then how would you know were it's going wrong. I just stick 2 pic on the screen loaded in the source and single step.Later on I had a logic analyser connected with triggers in the code of each pic to be logged on the analyser. Doing that I was able to adjust the timing in each bit of code to bring every thing into sync. I then was able to alter the clock freq on each pic to see how that effected the code. Absolutly first class.

29th October 2004, 22:12
The only thing I don't like about ISIS is not having the VDD VSS pins of the components.
It just feels wrong.

C H Whitehead
30th October 2004, 13:58
[QUOTE=Tim]The IDE looks at the Version of Proteus and so long as it's >6.5 (I think) it will use that instead.

Thanks for the reply Tim, but, I'm a bit concerned with your reference to the Version > 6.5!!!

I purchased my ISIS licences quite some time ago, before the latest version came out. Do you know if these, the Lite version licences, will work?



C H Whitehead
30th October 2004, 14:01
If I remember correctly, the component can be edited to show and connect to, the VCC/VSS/VDD defined pins. If I remember correctly, this is done in the symbol edit section.

David Barker
30th October 2004, 15:03
> The IDE looks at the Version of Proteus and so long as it's > 6.5

To integrate a version of Proteus VSM into the Proton Development Suite, it must be version or higher. No integration capabilities were provided by Labcenter before this release. If your version of Proteus VSM is less than, Proton IDE will default to using the DEMO version of the simulator.

To get a later version of Proteus VSM that integrates with the Proton Development Suite, you will need to contact Labcenter Electronics.