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P.N. Shaji
28th October 2004, 07:39

For registered user of PROTON + what are the procedures to upgrade

THanking You

P.N. shaji

28th October 2004, 10:54
please visit http://www.picbasic.org/proton_development_suite.php#upgrade for product pricing and UpGrade Policy

P.N. Shaji
30th October 2004, 12:35
Thank you for your reply..
If we buy the UPGRADE version will you give the full working version of PROTEUS VSM..?

P.N. Shaji

30th October 2004, 18:00
Hi, NO, if you buy Proton Development Suite, you get the Proton Development Suite!, it includes the Proteus VSM with the limitation of fixed hardware (Proton Boards) limited serial i/o and unlimited code on the supported devices.

To be clear download the free version and you get the same Proteus but you are NOT limited to 50 lines of compiled code.

I hope that makes sense?

P.N. Shaji
2nd November 2004, 06:59
its ok..!

In full version ..
we can use the EDITOR and NEW COMPILER without any limitation..right..?

But what are the limitaions of the INTERFACE for VSM..?

I tried it with 12C508.. but this error came from PROTES.. "matching processor can not found in schematic.......etc "..

So please clear.. can we use all PIC in the VSM ...?

Thanking You

P.N. shaji

2nd November 2004, 07:12
P.N. shaji

The VSM boards are the following 12F675 with serial Alpha numeric LCD, 16F628 with Alpha numeric LCD, 16F877 with Alpha numeric LCD, 16F877 with Graphical LCD, 18F452 with Alpha numeric LCD, 18F452 with Graphical LCD.

Obviously you cannot run code compiled for one Pic in another pic.

2nd November 2004, 08:26
If you download and run the Lite version of PDS you can use the Proteus VSM witht he 50 line limit on compiled code.

In the Full version of PDS the Proteus VSM remains the same, but the 50 line limit on code is removed.

The effect is to give you Virtual development boards based upon the proten development boards. the limitation is that you cannot chnage the pre configured virtual hardware.

This means that for a lot of users the purchase of the real Proton development boards is no longer neccesary.

P.N. Shaji
3rd November 2004, 06:41
Lester and TIM...

" The VSM boards are the following 12F675 with serial Alpha numeric LCD, 16F628 with Alpha numeric LCD, 16F877 with Alpha numeric LCD, 16F877 with Graphical LCD, 18F452 with Alpha numeric LCD, 18F452 with Graphical LCD.

Obviously you cannot run code compiled for one Pic in another pic. "

Again it is not clear...

Even if I purchase the PDS I can't simulate the other PICS ..

Thanking You

P.N. Shaji

3rd November 2004, 07:26
P.N. Shaji

"In the Full version of PDS the Proteus VSM remains the same, but the 50 line limit on code is removed."

From that I hope you can see that as far as the VSM goes the "Proteus VSM remains the same" only the Proton compiler changes so "the 50 line limit on code is removed."

Mohammed Tayem
3rd November 2004, 08:24
Hi Shaji,

When you buy a development board, you get the one you ordered, I bayed for my Proton Dev. Board which only supports 16F877 and 18F452\458, it will not be useful for any other PIC or even any PIC package other than DIP. I canít change its wiring for any of the installed components. I am very happy with it, I carried a lot of tests on it even for projects utilizing smaller Picís.

PDS has VDBís covering the 3 PIC families, LCD,GLCD, test and monitoring tools, yes, It is limited to the hardware drawn on the schematic you have, which is the same limitation you have on any physical Dev. Board.

If you want a Dev. Board exactly as you want (I am sure you will not find it), so you either build it, buy it, or try to use what is available for you to carry the possible tests on it before building your project prototype. The same thing can be done using the PDS VDBís, but instead of having one Dev board you have many VDB.

What would you do if your next project is based on a PIC which is not available in your box? You will buy it. What will you do if you are interested in a new dev. Board? You will buy it. What should you do if you are interested in building your own VDBís and any other project circuit? The answer is buy ISIS.



3rd November 2004, 12:58
Having gone through many dev boards by MELabs, Crownhill etc, I can honestly say the best and cheapest option is to buy a large breadboard with built-in PSU.

Now, when I'm in the design stage of a project, I can use the exact wiring and number of components I need.

You'll find with all devs boards, you've purchased quite a bit of stuff you'll never use.

Also, you'll never get a 100% true simulation of your circuit through software.

P.N. Shaji
4th November 2004, 08:19

I don't beleive that I will get all the things when upgrading to PDS.
Defenitely they (crownhill) can prepare some more good explanation about PDS. What they can give..what they can't.. What is the Limitations..etc. Otherwise.. you just see Mohammed how many postings/letters/complaints regarding the interface of VSM. Some one thought full working version of VSM is available with PDS.

Any way I was waiting for an good IDE that can DEBUG and watch the variables. Even though it is supporting only 4 PICs PDS is fine, and the compiler is very fast.



Thanking You

P.N. shaji

4th November 2004, 10:12
P. N. Shaji,

its seems to me that your probelm is that you do not read and comprehend what has been written.

In my Post No7 in this thread, I clearly explained an evaluation process that will leave you in no doubt as to what can be achieved in the virtual ebvironment provided with PDS.

If you download and run the Lite version of PDS you can use the bundled version of Proteus VSM with the 50 line limit on compiled code. Buy doing this you will see the full functionality / limitations of the bundled Proteus VSM.

In the Full version of PDS the version of the Proteus VSM remains the same, but the 50 line limit on code is removed.

The effect is to give you Virtual development boards based upon the Proton development boards. The limitation is that you cannot change the pre configured virtual hardware. If you want to make changes 9 including additional pic micro devices) Buy the full version of Proteus VSM.

In the FULL version of PDS, you cannot chnage the hardware configuration AT ALL, but you can run as much code as you wish.

That is the product that we are offering, if its not what you require, make your sugesstions on the wish list.

I can assure you that, curently there are no plans to change the configuration of PDS. OR offer more flexible Virtual boards in the PDS.

If you want more flexibility buy the full Proteus VSM (available form our web site) and use that from within Proton PDS, the two packages integrate seamlessly and provide the development environment without limitation.

That is ALL that is on offer, no variations.

Remember that you do not have to purchase the product, it is there if you want it, if you dont like it, dont buy it!

4th November 2004, 21:16
Have I got this right?
If I bought PicBasic Plus and then paid for an upgrade to Proton+ I have to pay £99 for the upgrade?
If I bought Proton+ all I have to pay is £37.5?
Ok, I suppose it's up to you what you charge but I did not realise this, don't think I'll be upgrading for a long while!

John Lawton
4th November 2004, 22:18
Yes, I've suggested to Les that more frequent paid upgrades (new versions) be issued, together with frequent free updates (fixes). Actually I think that long time users of PicBasic Plus have had it too good for too long, hence the somewhat hefty upgrade price now. It's easier to pay less, more often IMHO.


4th November 2004, 23:30
Yes, I agree, although I should have checked before i ordered the Proton+ upgrade(Canceled now of course).
Doesn't mean that I'm not going to get the PDS just means I'll have to wait longer than I would prefer. But seeing as I really got Proton+ for almost free as I had Pic Basic Plus I can't really argue at all.

5th November 2004, 10:00
User amiller112 ( sorry, I hate addressing you like that, but i don't know your name)

I acknowledge that you understand that you have not paid for the Proton Plus compiler, but I'd like to ensure that there is no misunderstanding here.

People that purchased Picbasic Plus were given a FREE UpGarde to Proton Plus, we did NOT charge for the UpGrade it was complimentary. We did have a closing date for the Complimentary UpGrade and it was available for download for almost a year. After that point the DOWNLOADABLE version was withdrawn.

We DID NOT charge for the UpGrade from PIC BASIC Plus to Proton Plus, it was Complimentary. If you took advantage of the FREE download you would ahve paid nothing.

SOME users wanted a new PRINTED manual and CDROM installation rather than the FREE download. These users were charged for the printed material and CDROM ONLY. THERE WAS NO CHARGE for the software UpGrade, thus those users have NEVER PURCHASED Proton Plus, it was given to them for NOTHING with our compliments.

Our Free Update policy and Chargable UpGrade policy is designed to give the lowest cost of ownership Compared to other similar products the amount paid for the product, when viewed over a reasonable period of time, is the lowest.

The longer you own the product the larger that the gap between our product and other similar products with the cost of ownership falling and the functionality increasing.

It would be difficult for us to move from this policy, it would run against our moral belief and our commitment to low cost of ownership.

5th November 2004, 12:56
Yes, sorry Lester I meant paid for the manual and CD.
I think it was only ten pounds or something like that.
And my name is Andrew. ie Amiller.
Crap user name but what I find easiest to remember.

I quite agree with the upgrade policy, just didn't realise at first. My own fault really, but it's corrected now and I'll purchase the PDS in the near future.

5th November 2004, 19:54
:confused: I have said this before but I am a mere hobbysit and did upgrade to Proton+. I probably will upgrade to the new PDS or whatever it is but the talk of regular paid upgrades does slightly worry me. Is going to worth it to a mere hobbyist to keep up with you proffesionals? I don't need fast development and the such, I just play and amuse myself (and control my model railway - more cost) so will you leave me behind only to become unsupported due to not being able to keep up. I am very happy with what I have at the moment but as I said would be willing to go a little further. Let me know now if you think I should get off the bus.

5th November 2004, 21:11
Hi Mike, no one is leaving anyone. The Proton Plus compiler is still supported and current

PDS os an option, a good option and one that we recommed. But its NOT compulsary!

6th November 2004, 13:22
Hi lester
I think what I am worried about is that if i do upgrade (and probably will) will you be putting loads of things in, say as add on's that I would never use (waste of money for me) which would mean me paying for something that is too professional for my needs.I use this software sometimes a great deal then as I have other things to attend to like building some part of my model railway, I am away from it for weeks. when I come back to it again to solve a problem I usually have some catching up to do (How did I do that and why did I do it that way sort of stuff). If there are real techi stuff in it that only those guys in business would use could you make them optional so I only pay for what I need (I am willing to pay as I agree that it is a fine product and development has to be paid for)

6th November 2004, 13:40
Hi Mike, i would'n't worry.

There are planned additions to PDS, but at present they are enhancements to the existing product and will be supplied as UpDates (Free)

In the future it may well be that Plugins are available, or, interfaces to other products, however these will be options, not compulsory.

Take the Proton VHB's in the bundled version of the Proteus VSM, its optional you don't have to use it and there is no charge for it.

If we can add funtionality by working with complimentary products, that must be good for everybody. You only buy what you need and if its free you use it if you want it.

6th November 2004, 17:45
Hi Lester
Thanks for the reassurance. I can get back to my control system with confidence now. I am putting together a wireless train recognition system for my remote station. The train radios in at a trigger point and the station sorts out the track and direction depending on what it is and its destination.

6th November 2004, 23:07
Maybe its something that you could donate to the user site?

7th November 2004, 19:54
I do believe that this thread was one of the most "painful" I have experienced thus far in this forum.


It's still a great forum though!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody.

8th November 2004, 18:19
Hi Picnaut
I don't know which bit you find painful but please be aware that one persons problem is another more able persons boredom. So the thing to do, as probably most of us do, is sift through the threads and just skip what does not interest you. If you feel you need to make any comment keep it constructive. Flippant none informative remarks are just a waste of space

8th November 2004, 19:17
Hi Mike,

I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else.
My comment was intended to be light-hearted (note the smiley face) and not directed at any one person in particular.

Text is not the best medium for kidding around because the spirit of a message can be easily misunderstood. I might suggest, in the most respectful of tones (and I'm not being facetious here) that you send me a private email next time and simply ask me what I meant by a particular comment. I fully understand what level of behaviour is expected in a great forum like this and I would never try to insult someone on purpose.

Anyway, hopefully that clears things up.

Have a great Monday guys (and gals).



8th November 2004, 21:06
Hi Picnaut
Sorry if I sounded a little tetchy, bad day and all that. I get a little self conscious with all you clever PIC guys out there as I don't get the same sort of exposure to it I will send you an email as well!

8th November 2004, 21:59
No problema.:)